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L |;|RGIMI^ BGF\GH, l/k 23455 


^-'W^< i 

Mrs Jonz shows the correcr way ro greet 
someone wirh on OLA!^ 

rollie ► 

As on eagle soars end rises ro oeriol heights, rhe 

srudenrs of IJH5 try ro reach rhe zenirh of rheir junior 

high experience. Some choose ro excell odocennically, 

some orhlericolly while orhers roke o more subrle 

porh. The IJH5 Declororion orremprs ro corch some of 

rhor elusive soonng spinr in rhe following poges. 

- , .,>p ^,v^ ,^y -^ 

Kim Jones end Jenny Hundley learn how ro use o microscope ▲ 

f Ms, Cridlln gives her sofrball ream o pre-gome folk. This feom went on ro become '82 
Division Chomps 

0\ <JK 







^ "^ Ch^erleoders»^_^ 

^ Jl^ ^ nO^ M^Dq\c^.'8 \ 

vA r- ACTjiinisrrorion p. 12 

Ninrh Grode p. 18^ A 



Eighth Grode-p'^i^ 

Seventh Grode-p. 54 

Faculty p. 65 

Sports p. 76 

OrgonizQtions p. 80 

Winter '83 

Sports p. 108 
Science Foir p. 116 
Intromurols p. 118 

Spring '83 

Sports p. 122 

. feon\our' H5 


•<The American Bold Eogle, the symbol of--' i 
indomitoble spirir and Independence OSlOfv Iv 




^^^ 82 seemed ro belong ro rhe Girls as oil three 

•^^" reams finished 2nd in ciry. The soccer and rrock 

reoms accomplished this by hoving rhe second besr 
records while rhe sofrboll ream won rheir division 
playoffs, only ro lose ro Drondon in o righr 9-11 conresr for ciry cham- 
pionship. The baseball ream ried for second in rheir division playoffs. 













PlozQ Jr. 




Vq Oeoch Jr. 





Drondon Jr. 




Kempsvllle Jr 




Boyside Jr 




Lynnhoven Jr. 
6-1-0 RECORD 3-4-0 











Boyside Jr. 





Brondon Jr. 





Kempsville Jr 




PlozQ Jr. 





Lynnhoven Jr 



Vo Deoch Jr 





Princess Anne Jr. 





Boyside Jr 





Brondon Jr. 





Kempsville Jr 

















Boyside Jr. 





Kempsville Jr. 





Brondon Jr 





Vo BeochJr 




47 5 

PlozQ Jr 





Princess Anne Jr. 





Lynnhoven Jr. 

55 5 







Sef Thof Gooll A Soccer Eogle fighrs for o point 

Baton Pqss: Cook ro Sebron 

•«^ Pre-game Medllotlon: Give us rhot exrro bit of swing for thot homer " 

Girl's Track and Soccer 

Second in City; 

Baseball, Second in 


Softball, Second in City. 

■^John Hinson gives o 
reommore o bit of 
moral support. 

■^Decky Miller shows her sfyle when the barter 
strikes our. 

The IJHS Cheerleaders were selected from over 80 
entronrs in rhe Spring 82 rryours These girls mode ir through 
rhe semi-finols and finols to become Spirit Representatives of 

our school. 

The Independence Cheerleaders worked very hard this 

past summer as well as during the school year Their new 

sponsor is Miss Rodgers In the summer of 82 they practiced 

twice Q week and attended two cheerleoding camps Old 

Dominion University hosted the first camp where our 

cheerleaders received the super spirit stick ond two blue 

ribbons. While foil, winter and spring sports were in session 

the cheerleaders worked diligently to promote 

sportsmanship ond spirit. Pep rallies, ribbon soles, bonner 

pointing, and various money-making projects kept these 

girls very busy! 

Robin Gorrison, Decky Hoselmon, ond Mrs Rodgers, 
cheerleader sponsor, get reody for rhor first gome ▲ 

Robin Colby, 9th: Michelle Allison 9th Jenni Ownes, 
9th. Heother Pero, 9th: co-coptoin^ 


lYell, y-e-l- 

Jenni Archer 7rh (top) 
Ann Wilkerson 8rh (left) 
Melonie Nissenson 8fh (right) 

Krisfy Lochonce 9th (top) 

Amy Winkins9th (left) 

Christy Brock 9th (right) Stocie 

Minson 9rh (bortonn) co-copfoin 

Moy Court Queen Leslie Lowe 

Jennifer Nowicki, 9fh, Jennifer 

Owens 8th Dorboro Copra 7thA 

Mrs Dlue congrotulotes Kothy Helms os Outston- 
ding Health ond PE student 

Ann Wilkerson accepts the DAR 
Sociol SrudiesAword for 
Citizenship. A 

On June 4, 1982, rhe sfudenr body, stoff, and faculty of IJHS gorhered ro recognize the ochievemenrs of oursfonding 
students. These awards were given for excellence In ocodemics, orts, and leadership. 

Bond Awards: 

Eogle Aword — Diane Notchus 

Director's Award — ■ Kothy Porker 

8th Award — Corey Hunley 

7th Award — Poul Orightbill 

Debate and Forensics 

Debate Awords — Andy Greenberg, 

Scott Furmon, Joney Davenport, 

Janice Heoth, Laura Davis, Kothy 

Helmes, Richard Copley, Ed Hinson, 

Stephonie Hotto; Speech Award: 

Kothryn Loftin, Forensics Award: 

Andy Greenberg, Kothy Dryce, 

Jzney Davenport, Lorelei Hetreed, 

Mchord Copley 

English Awards 

7 — Jon Oden 

6 — Katrino Desontos 

9 — Kerry Hofheimer 

Reoding 7 — Carol Gorrison 

Language Awards: 

Germon I — Eric Pfister 

Germon II — Allen Doughtery 
French I — Goyle Schilling 
French II Linda Archord 
Sponish I — Loro Liechty 
Sponish II — Kerri Harper 
Lorin I — Colin Clark 
Latin II — Ed Drownlow 
Generol Business Award — 
Tonnmy Lorenz 
Elizabeth Horgroves 
Moth Awards: 

Algebro — Adrino Tovenner 
Pre-Algebro — Corrie Temple 
Geometry — Leslie Lowe 
Moth 7S — Diono Goodwin 
VCTM — Ronnie Dicfado, George 

Foster, Seon Garrison 
Interontlonal Outstanding Youth Award 

— Leslie Lowe 
SCA Achievement — Eric Tonneson 
Science Awards: Physical Science — 
Andy Old ond John Vick 

Biology — Jim Morx 

Forth Science — Mork Browning 

Life Science — Scott Spence 

Sign Language Aword — Lisa Rondezzo 

World History - Chris Wright 

Outstanding Health and PE - 

7th Susan Nelson 

Lee Costic 

8th Corey Hunley 

Dovid Smith 

9th Kothy Helmes 

Ronnie Dictado 

FHA Awords: 

Outstonding FHA Member — Kerry Hofheimer 

Outstanding 9th Home Ec Student — Cindy 


Outstanding 8th Home Ec Student — Audrey 


TThree of IJH5 funnesr Irs-Gorro-Oe-Here Dixon Hove-I-Got A-Deol- 
For-You Jones and Which-Woy Did-He-Go Delcher' 

■^'Didn't we jusr leave here'" some first 
day students query os they get ready for 
the first SCA roily 


Summer in Virginio Deoch is unique Hav- 
ing rhe Arlonnc Oceon for o neighbor con 
only be experienced IJH5 srudenrs hove 
rheir own woys of enjoying rhe sond and 
surf Dur oil roo quick rhe months of June, 
July ond August ore over. 





▼SCA presidenf Jenni Owens leads the 
Pledge of Allegiance on opening day 
of school 



Lobor Doy is here, the official losr day of summer. 
The beech dunes ore empty, rhe footprints soon to be 
obliterated by the wind. The next day IJHS comes 
olive ogoin, not just o building, but many experiences: 
new friends, old friends, new subjects, new clubs, new 
teochers — 




Someone musr direcr rhe progrom, 

keep ir on rime. IJH5 hos irs very own 

Board of Directors. These genrlemen 

moke rhe unlimired learning experience 

or IJH5 possible. Through combined 

efforrs and excellenr leadership, rhe 

srudenrs con set rhe educorionol gools 

end achieve rhem wirh excellence. 


Dr. E. E. Brickell, Virginia Beach Ciry Schools 

Superinrendenr, is rhe man in charge of ir all. He 

monoges oil ospecrs of rhe educorionol process. He 

demonds much of his educorionol sroff so rhor you rhe 

srudenrs may benefir and achieve rhor perfecrion you 



Mr. G. B. Shields, PrinciopI, 

is responsible for all ospecrs 

of rhe rorol school program. 

He is rhe decision-maker for 

every ospecr of IJHS. He hos 

on A B. From rhe Universiry 

of Norrh Carolina, MEC from 

rhe Universiry of Norrh 

Carolina, ond a CAS from 

Old Dominion Universiry He 

has been in rhe Virginio 

Beach Ciry Schools for 28 

years in rhe role of PE 

reocher, Assisronr Principol, 

and Principal in 5 secondory 

schools. As always 

concerned wirh rhe studenr, 

he hos coached foorboll ond 

rrock and sponsored clubs. 

He is in doily conrocr wirh 

reochers and srudenrs 

supervising rhe educorion of 

IJHS srudenrs as his prime 



1 Assisronr 
Boss — A 

Mr. Marshall has been in 
educorion for 26 yeors in 
Sourh Norfolk, Norfolk, ond 
Virginio Beach in rhe 
copociry of business reacher 
and Assisronr Principal. He 
was born in Winsron-Solem, 
N.C., orrended rhe Universiry 
of Virginia and Old 
Donninion Universiry. This is 
his rhird year or IJH5. Mr. 
Morsholl's duries cover a 
mulrirude of areas, primarily 
discipline, rronsporrarion, 
ond evoluorion. For leisure, 
Mr. Marshall con be seen 
running in local nnarorhons 
and races. 

Assistant Boss — 

Mr. Pererson comes ro IJH5 nev/ rhis year. He is 
originally from Omaha, Nebraska, bur has orrended 
schools in Indiana, Tennessee, ond Virginia. Twenry- 
two years in rhe educorion field, Mr. Pererson come ro 
us from Kempsville Jr. As IJH5 has "o repurorion of 
being an excellenr school v/irh academically inclined 
srudenrs who ore highly morivofed ro leorn," Mr. 
Pererson feels IJH5 is o good place ro be. His duries as 
API include masrer scheduling responsibiliries, 
evoluarions, rexrbooks, and subsrirures. Welcome Mr. 


The school is really run by rhe 
secrerorles, Mrs. Porodlso, left, and Mrs 
Fox, righr. These ladies ore rhe frorir line 
on phone colls and porenrs coming inro 
rhe office 

Mrs. Parodiso has been of IJH5 since it 
opened in July, 1974, 5 yeors os o book- 
keeper ond 4 years as a secretory. 
Originally from Somerville, MA, Mrs. 
Parodiso soys she reolly "loves rhe work 
because ir involves working with rhe kids, 
reochers, and odminisrrorors I see o bir of 
ir oil ond it's cerroinly never du 

Mrs Fox is in her 7rh year or IJH5 ond jusr 
"wouldnr wont ro do anything else as 
mosr of our srudenrs ore very nice young 
people." Originally from Pensocolo, Flo., 
Mrs Fox hos been or PA High School, IJHS, 
and the Doto Processing Cenrer in the 
School Administrotion Building ► 

Monetary Recording 

Mrs K. Jones has been at IJHS since 
December 1980 offer having been 
Head Secretory of Pembroke Elemen- 
rory for 4 yeors. She enjoys the junior 
high students end is originolly from Win- 
chester, VA A 

Mrs Dishop, the Guidonce Secretory, hos been of 
IJHS since it opened. She hod also been ot Kempsville 
Jr ond Plozo Jr. She was born in Konsos City, MO. Ac- 
cording to Mrs Dishop, "We hove o very good group 
of students here ot Independence It is o pleosure deol- 
ing with them. 'A 



Mrs. Kilby, School Nurse, is originolly from 
Valenciennes, Fronce. She is on RN fronn 
Groce-New Haven Comnnunify Hospital School 
of Nursing or rhe Yale Medico! Center in New 
Hoven, Conn. She enjoys working with 
students in this age group, and porticulorly 
enjoys "IJH5 becouse of the faculty. I feel they 
ore united, friendly, and willing to help. The 
clinic is o nice size and the layout is not os 
cronnped as some of the other schools I've 

■^ This Is rhe first year for Mx. 
Cridlin OS rhe Srudenr Acriviries 
Coordinoror for IJHS. She hos 
roughr or Cox and here or IJHS, 
PE and Diology. She attended 
Longwood College D.S.E and 
rhe Universiry of Virginio, 
MAE. Her duries involve oil 
extro-curriculor ocfiviries ond 
orhleric conresrs, budger. 
coordinore concessions, 
lockers, ond lunchroom She is 
really excired about her new 
job. "I thrive on acriviries. I like 
to see rhings happening bur I 
am also on exrremely orgon- 
ized and business-minded 
person — NVhor berrer job 
could rhere be for me?" 

Student Adfvlties fes 
I.S.S. Coo^iQ0tQf 

Mr. Esber hos been in Virginio Beach for nine 
yeors, eight of them here or IJHS. Before he 
become 155 coordinotor, lost year, he taught moth. 
His degree is o B.A. in moth from Elon College. A 


▼ Mrs. Higgs, 5-Z, has her D.5.E. 
from Kentucky Store University ond 
her M.A. in Guidonce ond Counsel- 
ing from Hompton Institute Being o 
local person, she hos taught in Suf- 
folk and Virginio Deoch in the Health 
ond PE oreos. Being here eight 
yeors, she feels Independence is 
on outstonding Jr. High, but would 
sfond out onywhere in our country. 
We hove on exceptional group of 
students here who excel not only 
Qcodemicolly bur in mony other im- 
portant oreos! Super School! Super 

From Stondordsville, Vo., Mrs. 
Toto, EM-LA, ottended James 
Modison University Harrisonburg, VA 
(B.5 ) and Virginia Tech, Blocksburg, 
VA (M.S.E.). She hos taught Business 
and PE in Albemarle County, Nor- 
folk, Dugwoy, Utoh, and Virginia 
Deoch. This is her second yeor ot 
IJHS, she "really likes it!! Pleosont 
Students! Nice Atmosphere! 
Teochers and odministrotors erw 
couroging students to strive towSro 
ocodemic excellence! "A , . r \J 


Mrs. Commodore, LE-R, 
"enjoys working with this oge 
students ond feels they ore a 
unique ond challenging group 
becouse of the mony changes 
they ore going through as 
they leorn more obour 
themselves." Her educational 
experiences hove token her 
to Boltimore Cr., MD, Orlando 
Flo., ond Virginio Deoch. Vo 
She ottended Old Dominion 
for her D.S. in Elementary 
Education and Rollins College 
M.S. in Guidonce. A 

Mrs. Dreedon is speaking with Mr. Mizenko, Science teacher. She is in 
.g her third year as o librory ossistont ot IJHS. She really 'enjoys students 
working in the library. "A 


M The Guidance Coun- 
selors help the students of 
IJH5 navigate a course 
through their junior high 
years. They help the 
students to establish a 5 
yeor plon of study ap- 
propriate to each students 
future. The counselors also 
help the students on a per- 
sonal basis. 

"IJHS is a good school. I 
have always been inn- 
pressed v^ith our en- 
thusiastic student body ond 
teochers Vi/ho core. Its a 
10!", or so soys Mrs. Collier, 
A-EL Guidance Director. 
Born in Norfolk, Mrs. Collier 
obtained her D.5. from 
Longv/ood College and 
her M.E. from Old Domi- 
nion University. She's been 
at IJHS since August, 1979 
She taught Social Studies, 
History, and Geogrophy at 
Kempsville Jr. before 
becoming o counselor. 

< These ladies help the 
students in the library. The 
library is on endless source 
of information ond the cor- 
rect use of the librory mokes 
access to that information in- 
finitely eosier. Mrs. Honnoh, 
right. Heed Librorion, feels 
"the library offers o nice op- 
portunity to knov^ in- 

outside the 

This is her se- 
at IJHS after 

ot PA. 

Ml, and 





cond year 
inghom, Alo. 
educated at Mary 
Woshington and the Univer- 
sity of Michigan. Mrs. Rice, 
left, olso in her third year at 
IJHS received her degree 
from Northwestern Universi- 
ty She tought previously at 
Willloms Intermediote in 
Virginia Beach. 













And go on for the next 50 pages or so . . . 


Kennet Ahe 

Becky Adlermon 

John Allen 

Down Allen 

Morjorle Allen 

Robbie Allen 

Michele Allison 

Duone Allred 

Brian Alsron 

Jim Anderson 

Townio Anderson 

Mike Ansich 

Robbie Arbuckle 

Danielle Arviso 

Amelia Au 

Tommie Bocheller 

Sonyo Boiley 

Woody Bollew 

John Barnes 

Myron Barnes 

Kelly Bauer 

Jennifer Boymo 

Karhy Boyot 

Denise Boyse 

Laurie Beon 

Dorlene Benhose 

Julie Bird 

Mark Bishop 

Tracy Block 

John Bowen 

Donna Brennon 

Becky Brighfbill 

Moti Brinton 

Christy Brock 

Joe Brooks 

Karen Brothers 

Brendo Brown 

lommy Bruce 

Kim Brumley 

Jeff Bryner 


William Duck 
Fiona Dullord 
Kim Butcher 
Srephonle Dyrd 
Sandy Calhoun 

Barbara Callahan 
Russ Compbell 
Jimmy Canada 
Bonnie Cordenos 
Morr Corr 

Drion Corson 
Ted Cose 
Tricio Cosmer 
Corey Coson 
Scorr Chombers 

Chrisrmo Champagne 
Glno Chandler 
Sonford Chosrek 
Michelle Chesrnufr 
Brian Clork 

Was Isr Dqs, Meinen Frouleinen? 

Colin Clark 
James Clork 
Stephen Clark 
Julie Coffin 
Robin Colby 
Eric Coleman 
Robert Colgrove 
Jim Collier 

Froulein S. Romsko und Froulein J. Davenport besprechen die Unterschiede 
zwischen die englische und deutsche Sproche! 


Toby Compron 

Trocy Conklin 

Chris Cook 

Nikki Cook 

Cofhy Cooper 

Rick Copley 

Todd Corr 

Terry Cossey 

Ryon Cox 

Danny Croig 

Donnie Croig 

Tim Crawford 

Riro Credle 

Fred Creekmore 

Cotherine Crockett 

Suson Crowthers 

Moricel Cudonin 

David Culver 

Liso Dolby 

David Donner 

Show Doncin' olwoys drows o big crowd Dorb Collohon wonders 

through the crowd "in search of . ^ .'\ Aniro Denton and Keri White 

hang onto their mystery dotes and enjoy the music 

Put Your Head on My 


Joney Dovenport 

Kelly Davenport 

Michael Davis 

Down Deorbeck 

Kotrino Desontos 

Donnie Diggs 

Lillian Divine 

Dovid Dodd 


Joson Dorn 
Billy Douthot 
Jonniter Dowdy 
Pot Dreelin 
Shannon Dudmon 

Dorlene Dye 
Angle Dykins 
Kevin Eorly 
Alan Edwards 
Chuck Ellard 

Chrissy Elmore 
Jon Embry 
Dill Englond 
Jon Englond 
Jomes Enoch 

Tannmy Ericson 
Robin Faulkner-Loser 
Sureno Fozeli-Marin 
Dob Fearherer 
Jerry Fleming 

Dubbo Flowers 
Roger Floyd 
Mary Ann Forsyth 
Jeff Freeman 
John Frenzley 

Eric Froehlich 
Scort Furmon 
Robin Futch 
Tina Gandy 
Chuck Gonser 

Dorrell Garland 
Vicky Gores 
Nicole Gourhier 
Nick George 
Korie Gepp 

Elso Gerwin 
Scorr Gibson 
Mike Glenn 
Randy Glick 
Kim Glisson 


Rondl Goldberg 

Mimi Gordon 

Russell Gordon 

Sfocey Gossetr 

Joe Gronr 

Down Gray 

Jennifer Gray 

Andrew Greenberg 

Down Grisold 

Tommy Grob 
Michael Groves 
Jennifer Grubbs 

Trocey Grunwold 

Robert Guess 

Sue Hoddock 

Chery Hole 

John Homilfon 

James Hammer 
Song Hon II 
Chris Hardy 
Lisa Harless 
Deth Horns 

Joonn Horns 

Andreo Horrley 

Sondi Hoselmon 

Mory Hoy word 

Jonice Heath 

Dev Hefelfinger 

John Hermonsen 

Kim Hersh 

Kevin Hicks 

Gino Hidy 

Mike Ansich ond some of his buddies 
pose for o picture rhot they hod ribbed 
Ms Dillon into roking 'Won t you toke 
o picture of your fovorire student from r 
lost yeor?" queries Mike 


Whose Gift 
fo the Girls? 

Helen Hill 
Derh Hlllhouse 
Shannon Hodge 

Ann Hoffman 
Lisa Hogan 
Pam Holberg 

Dill Holland 
Monico Holliday 
Kim Hollis 

Rondy Hclmon 
Christina Hornsby 
Stephanie Hotto 

Borboro Hovey 
Liso Hubbord 
Poul Huddleston 
Kothy Hughes 
Jennifer Hundley 

Carey Hunley 
Vickie Hunt 
Lisa Inama 
Tony Jacinto 
James Jackson 

Kevin Jackson 
Robert Jackson 
Nicole James 
Michelle Jonecko 
Suzy Jorvis 

Billy Jernigon 
Amy Jeroy 
Clint Johnson 
Holly Johnson 
Jackie Johnson 



A rypicol day in rhe holls: "Hey, worch where you're goin! " 
"Thots my foor you're stepping on 
"Ger out of my way, squirt! " 
"Helpi I'm gonna be late' " 


John Loing 
Kelley Lamb 
Eric Lambert 
Mike Land 
Patricio Long 
Dorrell Lorlviere 
Mike Lovelle 
Robyn Layfon 
Mitchell Lee 
Rene Leggert 
Dovid Lewis 
Jonlne Lewis 

Looking Aheod 

Colvin Skinner and Kevin Jockson wait patiently on 
the first doy of school as 9fh graders Colvin says, as 
most people agree, Til be glad when I hit the 10th 
grode " The 10th grade is the first year in a real high 
school Most IJHSers will go to P. A., Cox, end Doyside 
and no longer be the leaders of our school; they'll be 
the bobes-in-orms for o chonge!! 

Jill Lichtenhon 
Loro Liechty 
Trocy Limtioco 
Jennifer Liner 
Linda Livernois 

Kothryn Loftin 
David Lowenthol 
Derek Lucas 
Tommy Lucey 
Dean Luther 

Tonio Lyie 
Jim Lyon 
Beverly Lytle 
Scott Moccubbin 
Paul Mollos 

Pot Morsholl 
Alisho Motrin 
James Martin 
Tom Martin 
Laurie Mason 



Blue Faces & Bow Ties 

Denise Gustofson and Karhy Gray are or rhe Halloween Donee, doncing to 
some good rockin Denises make-up is nor o porr of o new fod nor is 
Karhiy s bow rie 

Albert Mowyer 

Jackie Mayo 

Lonnie McClenney 

Robin McConnell 

Joner McCreody 

Julio McGreevy 

Tom McKechinie 

Chorles McKinney 


Adam Morris 
Glno Morris 
Gory Morrison 
Steve Mulligan 
Mark Nohro 

Lourene Noppi 
Jon Notividod 
Dien Nguyen 
Lynn Nice 
Suzanne Nielson 

Joel Niemi 
Kim Noonon 
Julie Norman 
Fronkie O'Brien 
Robert OOrien 

Down Ookes 
Kelly Obrien 
Richard Odenwelder 
Leslie Odonold 
Andrew Old 

Dovid Orcutt 
David Orork 
Jennifer Owens 
Mike Palese 
Curtis Parker 

Elena Posek 
Dobbionne Patterson 
Jorge Perfeiro 
Heother Pero 
Derek Perry 

Keren Perry 
Shannon Perry 
Shirley Perry 
Chuck Petit 
Tom Pfifferling 

Allison Pitman 
Julio Plockett 
Martha Piatt 
Wendi Polokso 
Cheryl Porto 


Alan Powers 

Ismoel Prodo 

SrephonniQ Prorher 

Tommy Proffer 

Jomie Purificocion 

Robin Raymond 

Richord Redding 

Tino Reeves 

John Register 

Giorgio Reirzel 

Brian Reynolds 

Susan Reynolds 

Elise Richels 

James Ridley 

Sfon Riley 

Erin Quinn 


Dryon Rolsron 

^^^^f%. ^r : 

David Randall 

^^^^1 lit 

Allen Rawlins 

^^^^^ ^ ^^r 

Ricky Roymon 




Eagles Are #1 

Do we hove spirit' Yes, we do! Lots of people come fo cheer our 

foorboll ream or the CEL srodium With so much enthusiasm, who 

could feel bod? Along with the crowd, the pep club, reborn with 

Ms. Dixon's help, wos rhere ro urge the football players on 

Mary Riner 

Jonel Ringo 

Down Ringressy 

Krisri Rirrer 

Jeonnerte Rivord 

Liso Rivero 

Poul Roberts 

Heother Robinson 

Doniole Robson 
Lorry Roche 
Stacy Rogers 
Suzonne Romsko 
Lisa Rooks 

Dovid Rose 
Dllly Rosenow 
Kelly Rothoff 
Rusty Rule 
Cindy Rumney 

Porrlcio Russ 
Doyle Rutledge 
Kothleen Ryon 
Belinda Safford 
Mary Soguinsin 

Lori Sonders 
Sheri Schochtner 
Shori Schotzmon 
Goyle Schilling 

Victoria Schirmonn 
Mike Schnockel 
Chris Seoborn 
Sean Segerblom 
Kurt Sellers 

Chod Sexton 
Troy Shollis 
Nikkie Sheffield 
Doris Shomoker 
Kenny Shoop 

Steve Shupe 
Sfocie Shure 
Volerie Siegel 
Myro Sipe 
Calvin Skinner 

Al Slobodian 
Cheryl Smitfi 
Dovid Smith 
Dennis Smith 
Kothy Smith 


Morgorer Smirh 

Melindo Smirh 

Warren Smith 

ScofT Sneod 

Amy Snyder 

Jomey Solok 

Krisrine Sowo 

Dryon Spohr 

Ronald St Amont 

Poul Stofford 

Jeff Srogg 

Jackie Stonfield 

Annette Stoub 

Suson Stephens 

Philip Stitt 

Danielle Strohecker 

Mott Suggs 

Lovondo Suiter 

Dabby Summerhi 

Kenny Sumner 


Daug Swolino 

Tammy Swann 

Matt Swingle 

Jayce Toit 

Poul Tondberg 

Toon Iran 

Robbie Trice 

Arletha Turner 

Roxonne Tyndoll 

Michelle Vock 


Tommy White 

Chrlssy Wicks 

Lomor Wiggins 

Amy Wilkins 

Audrey Williams 

James Williams 

Jimmy Willioms 

Lisa Williams 

Terri Willioms 

Down Wilson 

Mork Wilson 

Jonnie Winfree 

Michelle Wircher 

Eddie Workiewicz 

Teri Wrighr 

Dole Yoger 

Jennifer Yookum 

Exequiel Zobollero 

Julionne Zickus 

Jeff Zimmerman 

Dream on, Scott. 


Jeff Adorns 

Kelly Doumgordner 

Suson Corr 

Amondo Carroll 

Melvjn Columbio 

Korhy Gray 

Lauro Gwirfzmon 

Tern Hole 


Dovid Krieger 

Michoel Lynch 

Liso Madison 

Williom Matthews 

Ronold Norton 

Skip Pofford 

Scott r^omsey 

Ralph Record 

Dirk Sonford 

Joy Sowyer 
Mortho Smith 
Steven Smith 

Daniel Sullivan 
Orion Thompson 

Steven Tisdole 
Croig Watson 

Michael Welch 
Sharon Welch 

Thomos Young 

Every yeor IJHS hos on assembly to tell the students of the different clubs and of the opportunities 
open to them Here Scott Sneod portrays on Honor Graduate for the Notionol Junior Honor 
Society The assembly is sponsored by the SCA. It is held on the first day of school and oil students 

Korhy Gray (top left) shows us her version of Perer 
Corron Toil?!?! 

Three IJHS'ers (fop righf), Dorbora Horrell, Jenny 
Moyer, ond Stephanie Doln give o punl^ers' view of 

Let them rock 'n roll (middle right). 

Mike Groves as "Rock The Cosboh" and Denise 
Mickelson os o Roisin won the awards for Best 
Costume (center left). 

Matt Suggs and Deth Harris dance for the Donee Con- 
test, (bottom left) 

The Clash mode on oppeoronce (lower right) with 
Daniel Armstrong, David Ciminelli, Tommy Cutler, ond 
David Cortreii. 

They Come 


The Halloween Donee wos held one lore 
Ocrober night when the frosr wos on fhe 
pumpkin. The Bond Porenrs Associorion 
sponsored rhe donee ond the music wos 
provided by o loco! D.J. 

Albums were provided for rhe Desr 
Costumes which wenr ro Denise Mickelson 
ond Mike Groves. The winners of rhe donee 
conresr were Kothy Groy ond Tony Jocinfo 
for which they received o trophy. 33 

Dllly Acuff 

Brad Adorns 

Patrick Akers 

Jean Albrechr 

Kim Alexonder 

Charles Alfier 
Koren Allen 
Soroh Allen 

Jill Amenrler 
Jeff Ames 

Marrie Amis 

Corbie Amos 

f\onnie Anderson 

Dorboro Ansley 

Michael Applin 

Jennifer Archer 

James Armstrong 

Ronald Aruta 

Dovid Ashe 

Kim Atlee 


Full of Friendship 

According to Webster, friends ore two people on the some side 
in o struggle In this case, the struggle is junior high school Here 
ore Kim Noonon and Denise Dosko who ore in desperate need 
of allies. 

Renee Avollone 

Stephanie Bain 

Brenda Daker 

Kim Baker 

Mory Ann Boker 

Brian Borbozo 

Will Barbro 

Jason Barefoot 


Mork Darker 
Lynn Barnes 
Myniro Domes 
William Darrolofta 
Kirsren Doum 
Angle Douman 
Porricia Dauman 
Scotr Beam 
Sarah Dell 
Jeff Delzer 
Melissa Dengson 
Keirh Denron 

How Weary We 

After dancing so hord, these lodies just hod to hove a 
rest. Denise Hall (middle) ond Tommy Underwood 
(for right) were caught in a big yawn while Deano 
Gibson (far left) gave us a sleepy smile. 

Robert Dergstrom 
Noel Dird 
Scott Disson 
Jomes DIair 
Lisa DIoke 

Tim Dliss 
Allison Bloxsom 
Mary Bruce Bolen 
Angela Boling 
Jennifer Bollard 

Sherrie Bollhoffer 
Denise Bosko 
Mike Doyce 
Beverly Drodshow 
Gwen Brodshow 

Lorraine Drodshow 
Dav>d Brewer 
Chris Drewster 
Leslie Dridges 
Jeff Drightbill 


PquI Drighrbill 

Louro Drinson 

Danny Drirr 

Charlie M Brown 

Denny Drown 

Dill Drownlow 

Kenyeffo Drummirt 

Meredith Dryner 

Mark Duchonon 

Chip Duck 

Jesse Duloski 

Denderro Ourress 

Par Durron 

Cindy Durler 

Chrisri Coffee 

Justine Coffrey 
Paulo Collohon 

Julee Collies 
Tricio Colzodo 

Geri Contrell 

Corl Trofron, Doug Thomos, Druce Kelley ond Jimmy Oliver 

ponder just how for the FHA balloons will go These guys were 

outside on a fire drill in lore September when the FHA set off o 

bunch of balloons as port of o stote-wide membership drive. 

Is rhe Sky Really the Limit? 

Dob Coperron 

Dorboro Copro 

Dutch Cardenas 

Heather Cormichoel 

Donald Carpenter 

Susan Carper 

Angela Corpino 

Doug Corr 


Kofhy Coughlin 
Kimberly Cowan 
Wesley Cowon 
William Cox 
Michoel Coy 
Moe Coyle 
David Credle 
Rondee Cross 

Jesse Cosfono 

Vince Chambers 
(Xick Chapman 
David Cheaney 
Audro Chisholm 

Melina Christie 
David Cimlnelli 
Kevin Clork 
Thelma Clork 
Crolg Clymer 

Curns Clymer 
5ean Coghlll 
David Collier 
Kimi Cook 
Kelly Cooper 

Michael Cornell 
Donnie Corzine 
Chris Cosrea 
Lee Cosric 
Dovid Cortrell 

Af rhe end of o long, hard day, everyone is ready ro escape Kim 
Tolberf, Tommy Moron, Jennifer Green and Jennifer Penningron 
leave on rheir bicycles Teachers, too, need to escape at the ring 
signaling the end of sixth bell Mr Mizenko is beating feet out of the 
day's frustrotlons 


Chuck Crowrhers 

MIchele Culver 

Scort Culver 

Thomas Cummins 

Tom Curler 

Mercy Doliey 

Jim Done 

Alexander Darby 

Chris Dorden 

Jennifer Dorden 

Tony Doubermon 

Alice Dovenporr 

Kennerh Dovis 

Thereso Dovis 

Tommy Dovis 

Dovid Deon 

Debby Deon 

Jerry Derbeck 

Howord Decker 

John Demoresr 

Donny Dent 

Renee Dhooge 

Aldo Dibelordino 

Willioms Dickens 

Chris Divlto 

Corrle Dodwell 

Sherri Douglas 

Drew Downs 

Reonn Eoron 

Christy Edwords 

Tina Edwords 

Troci Edwords 

Michoel Eisenburger 

Leslie Elks 

Croig Elliot 

John Elliot 

Dovid Ellison 

Mike Elwess 

PiOlph Enrique 

Down Etherington 


»VJI^'' 'V'x^ 

Steve Follgren 
James Farrell 
Fred Felske 
David Ferguson 
J J Ficarra 
Melonie Fischer 
Donny Floro 
Krisri Foberg 

Caught in the Middle 

Eighth grader, Marilyn Trice, seems to be going crazy' Eighth grode can be 
a frying time. For many students in this grode, ir is their first yeor in a junior 
high. That alone is enough to send one bock peddlingM Eighth grode is o 
new experience in many respects Science Fairs, Foreign Languages, 
Algebra, Sport Teams, and Clubs ore but a few of the new and exciting 
experiences ovoiloble to the Closs of 64!!' 

Jon Foley 
Condy Fondren 
Brian Ford 
Janet Forster 
Philip Foxwell 

Louise Frenzley 
Roy From 
Donald Goines 
Sherry Gome t 
C^hris Gonser") 

Jennifer Garris 
Carol Garrison 
Robin Garrison 
Eric Gaskill 
Steve Gergel 

Jonothon Giordino 
Deanno Gibson 
Anthony Gillian 
Ken Gooding 
Dovid Goodwin 


Angle Gordon 

Amy Gorris 

Steve Groinger 

Sreve Graves 

Cednc Gray 

Sreve Greeley 

Jennifer Green 

Debbie Greer 

Jeff Greer 

Mary Griffen 

Shelly Griffin 

Down Grossnickle 

Steve Gundel 

Denise Gustofson 

Philip Gutleben 

Paul Gyles 

Robert Hafele 

Denise Hall 

Tommy Homel 
Angelique Hamilton 

Kelly Hamilton 

Tonya Hamilton 

Dovid Hommer 

LIso Hommer 

Dllly Hammond 

Song Hon 

Mike Hand 

Dorboro Horrell 

Koren Horns 

Kenneth Harris 








' u 









PorriciQ Hetreed looks very intent m her 6th grade 
Science doss as Ms Derek lectures obout many 
things that rhey will be studying This includes 
everything from lightbulbs to rocks, but mostly 
they study the physical and chemical aspects of 

F f KM ^ 


Cover Designer 

Anne VInh is rhe designer for rhe '83 Declororion Anne sub- 
mlrred her design with ten other students in the 2nd Annual 
Cover Design Contest The covers were judged by teochers 
end students The judging was very close, with Alex Sadler 
receiving second ploce Congratulations Anne and Alex. 

Drion Hort 
Eorl Hort 
Mory Horword 
Decky Hoselman 
Jimmie Hayes 

Shoriro Hoyes 
Doug Head 
Mark Heckler 
Ray Hembd 
David Henderson 

Patricio Hetreed 
Jeff Hickman 
Jessica Hill 
LouroE Hill 
Joonno Hodge 

Kristen Hofheimer 
Beth Hollond 
Merl Hoover 
Adrio Hopkins 
Rodger Hopkins 

Thomas Horvotic 
Bobby Hovey 

Joonno Howell 
Christine Hughes 

Cindy Hughes 
Bubba Hughes 

Roylynn Hussey 
Brian Hutson 


Michael lllingsworrh 

George Ingmire 

Choriry Jackson 

Fairh Jackson 

The Age of Punk 

Tracy Wood Morilyn Trice, 

Louise Frenzley and a mystery 

person show some of rhe lotesr 

fashions seen around IJH5, This 

yeor has seen rhe return of short 

skirts, introduction of something 

called leg warmers, short surfer 

hoir cuts ond lots of stripes' 

Dole Johnson 

Becky Johnson 

Theresa Johnson 

Leonard Johnston 

Dryon Jones 

Jeff Jones 

Tosho Jones 

Troci Jones 

Christopher Joyner 

Evan Kolfus 

Karen Kay 

Noncy Kelleher 

Druce Kelley 

Chuck Kelly 

Krisil Kenney 

Cindi Kernels 

Michoel Kidd 

Joe Kighi 

Julie KIght 

Crolg Kilby 

f Ff^FF 


Kelli Killen 
Kelly Kincoid 
Thomas King 
Tommy Kingry 
Mike Kinney 

Karen Kinzey 
Nicole Kiser 
Allen Knox 
Elizabeth Kohlhoff 
Lisa Koloczyk 

Susanne Kromer 
John Kupfer 
Terri Ladoux 
Joey Lotove 
Scort Lofrenlere 

Anne Loine 
Phillip Lomberty 
Peter Long 
Tracy Long 
Jennifer Lowson 

Richard Loyton 
Eric Lee 

Rebecca Leighton 
Leonne Lewis 
Liso Lewis 


Vikki Lew 
Karl Liebe 
Pot Lindemon 
Scott Little 

c;iie;nL;ng [jJQ^ J^^)Jl 

cxu^ LLpciniidm/i 


David Lope 
Jeff Lopretto 
Kotie Lowe 
Toby Lucy 


6ee ^ 


Dove Mochon 
Tracey Moloney 
Nicole Maniscaico 
Kay Morello 
Andy Marshall 

LISQ Martin 

Michelle Morejcek 

Koren Morhls 

Linda Moxwell 

Jimmy Moyfield 

Rochel McCusker 
Tim McDonald 

Alon McDonough 
Brian McKown 

Tommy McLeod 

Morieno McMorrow 

Becky McNeill 

Lori Meeks 

Jennifer Mercodo 

Liso Mercer 

Polly Meyer 

Denise Mickelson 

Allen Midgetre 

Krisnne Mikulko 

Darren Milby 

It's Gorro Be 5 

Independence students work hord to get good grades Dee Dee 
Hoselmon ond Danielle Toum ore working on moth homework This 
work will help them to succeed at future goals and overcome oil 
obstacles This is what teomwork is oil about fighting side by side 
against all odds to accomplish the smallest of tasks 

Eric Milby 

George Miles 

Christina Miller 

Louro Miller 

Shoyne Miller 

John Mills 

Chris Moke 

Kothy Moon 


\r i^'- 


Dori Moorefield 
Tommy Moron 
Christine Moreou 
Dovid Morgon 
Billy Moser 
Todd Mosreller 
Eddy Mowery 
Jennifer Moyer 
Wendy Murray 

Punk Pumpkins 

A purple pumpkin? Moybe ifsjusf trying to 
get into the punk Junk!!' This is one of the 
pumpkins mode up by the Home Ec/FHA 
dosses for Halloween to send to hospitals 
and convalescent homes to cheer the ill. 

Cindy Murrell 
Dole Muzik 
Wendy Myer 
Kim Myers 
Lee Myers 

Shonnon Myers 
Shown Myers 
Eric Nohro 
Nomoste Norelle 
John Norney 

Susan Nelson 
Megan Newstein 
Marsha Newton 
Loc Nguyen 
Lisa Nichols 

Melonie Nissenson 
Solly Norfleet 
Jerry Norris 
Cindy Notel 
Kevin Ootes 


Jon Oden 

Dill Ofelr 

Peter Ogrom 

Jimmy Oliver 

Poul Oneil 

Johnny Ongur 

Michelle Orenduff 

Mike Ouellerre 

Denise Owsicny 

Gloria PonsQCulo 


Sam Povey 

Poula Poyne 

Coyo Pearson 

John Peckens 

Jennifer Penningron 

Jon Perry 

MIchoel Perry 

Tabberha Pestolirz 

Orion Petersheim 

Jeff Peterson 

George Picord 

Thereso Piemontese 

Tony Pires 

Angle Plonfe 

Suson Plumley 

^ ^ ,-lRf ** 

Angie Paquin 

Morion Pork 

Kim Porker 

Money Porks 

Suson Porks 

Parti Patterson 

Students come to school 
on cruisers to tenspeeds 
— they come in vons to 
VW P.obbits — some 
even get to ride to 
school on the city- 
provided bus — some 
lucky ones get to wolk or 
ride skoteboords! 


1 f "Ffii 

Kim Pollord 
Dorry Porter 
Joely Porrer 
Mike Porter 
Tommie Price 

Kim Pulcini 
Tommy Rodobough 
Dorrel Roy 
John IXoyhill 
Doug Roymon 

Lisa Raymond 
Eddie Reogon 
Geneva Reason 
Mary Redding 
Bonnie Reed 

Jason Renoger 
Christine Reyerson 
Chris Reynolds 
Beclsy Reynolds 
Mil^e Rhine 


Debbie Rose 

Glno Rosenthal 

Chuck Roubik 

Koren Rouller 

Paul Ruggles 

Done Russell 

Kindl Ryon 

Alex Sodler 

Connie Soffell 

Ted Sofford 

Ted Sokis 

Dovid Somson 

Rondy Sorvello 

Rod Sounders 

Jon Sowyer 

John Sowyer 

Richord Scorpullo 

Wendy Schorzmon 

Liso Schmid 

Srocy Schreier 

Scorry Scort 

Shown Scorr 

Kim Senrer 

Robbie Setzer 

Doug Sewell 

Mory Sewell 
Kenny Sexton 

f J^fC^ 

^ 1^ ^ 

iJvs ^ l!k 

One of IJHS's porticulorities is its climote 

control system! It con be counted on 

never to be counted on' In November 

we hod 60° plus weother so the heot 

in the 3CX>400 holls wos on full blosril 

One enterprising leocher moved her 

8th grade doss to the potio os her room 

wos over 90°ii Here is Lisa Worden 

working in o more comfortable 


A Hor Day in November?! 


Roy Shosteen 
Chris Show 
Eric Show 
Tommy Shelor 
Steve Shelfon 

Dovid Shull 
Ronnie Siegel 
Melisso Simmons 
Trocey Simon 
Doug Sirmons 

First Day of 
School, First Few 
Fomilior Faces 

John Peckens ond Morcy 
Wooiord ore omong the first 
students to enter IJHS ofter o 
long summer off. Alwoys 
exciting, the first day of school 
brings new ond old friends ond 

Shone Sissons 
Fronkie Sitte 

Nick Skomogos 
Jimmy Sloyton 

Robert Sloyton 
Chris Slobodion 

Alan Smith 
Dillie Smith 
Drion Smith 
Lynne Smith 
Morio Smith 

Mike Smith 
Terry Smith 
Todd Smith 
Scott Snyder 
Steve Solomon 

Joy Spurgeon 
Kothryn Stocy 
Vincent Stamper 
Morie Stonely 
Heather Stonyard 


Danny Sropleton 

Dobby Storling 

Potrick Steele 

Koren Sremm 

Drion Stewart 

Lydio Stone 

Ellzobeth Stoner 

Joe Stout 

Susan Straight 

Cathy Strowhond 

Kurt Stremel 

Nancy Strickland 

Gerl Stuort 

Mark Sfurgis 

Michael Sudderrh 

David Summers 

Brian Sumner 

Jeff Swallow 

Amy Swonger 

Dono Sword 

Chris Swisher 

Derek Sykes 

Laura Sykes 

Lisa Taft 

Cricket Tollyn 

Stephonie Totem 
Brian Taylor 

Tern Tazewell 
Lisa Teogue 

Thomas Terry 

Dono Thigpen 

Doug Thomos 

Henry Thompson 

Walter Thompson 

Kim Tolberr 

Scott Tompkins 

Dobby Torbert 

Deth Touhey 

Corl frotton 

Tino Irommell 





John Trover 
Christine Troylor 
Charles Trent 
Diono Trice 
Marilyn Trice 

Vincent Tumilty 
Keggie Turner 
David Turner 
Scott Twine 
Tomnny Underwood 

John Voccoro 
Grace Vack 
Billy Volenti 
Ernie Volionos 
Kong Vong 

Ge Vong 
Craig Venoble 
Becky Vernon 
George Vior 
Garnet Vincent 

Lone Vines 
Anne Vinh 
Stocey Wogner 
Kelly Wohrenburg 
Joson Walker 

Richard Wolsh 
Bobby Word 
Tommy Warner 
Maurice Woshington 
Amy Wotson 

loin Wotson 
Scott Watterson 
Greg Webb 
Williom Wedeman 
Cindy Welborn 

John Welch 
Pofrick Welch 
Brod Wentz 
John Whiddon 
Debbie White 


Elvis White 

Keri Whire 

Amy Whlremon 

Srephonle Whitmore 

Julie Whirroker 

Vicki Wicker 

Roberr Wilcox 

Ann Wilkerson 

Dorry Wilkins 

Anno Morie Wilkinson 

Ms Workins is giving her 7th grade doss o rolk about Intramurals 

Her class chompions competed ogoinst other 7th grade doss 

chompions in the mornings Ms Wotkins is now giving them o 

good luck lecture and telling them how to really kill the other 

teems 7th groders ployed soccer, 8th graders played speedboll, 

ond 9th grode boys ployed football while the 9th grade girls 

played field hockey. 


John Young 
Seung-Won Yu 
Thomas Zerborini 
Janet Ziegler 
Christine Zicl^us 


Robert Oornes 
Down Doyer 
John Dronche 
Michoel Drown 
Andrew Consolvo 

Troy Cox 

Theresa Dillingham 
Julie Duncon 
Cynthia Frey 
Tripp Hamilton 
Krisfopher Haberson 
Suson Horns 

Laura L, Hills 
Ron Hurst 
Christopher Justice 
Denjomin Lonzo-Dewey 
Charles Lindauer 
Edward Mitchell 
Williom Moss 

Kenneth Oliver 
Pier Phillips 
G. Alon Rice 
Carl Ross 
Michoel Sorofite 
Michelle Smith 
Don Solomon 

Remy Tonys 
Jomi Taylor 
Dorrell Washington 
Chris Wiley 
Rona Willoughby 
Tina Wyott 
Adom Zuckerman 




A David Morgan ond his mystery dote otl 

donee of the year. She looks os if she ifVgl us who_ 

she is, David?! 


Rondo Acel 

Jennifer Acosro 

Gino Adorns 

Cindy Aggos 

Cindy Aleshire 

Tina Allen 

John Alvord 

Melisso Ames 

Courtney Amos 

Jomes Anderson 

Robyn Anderson 

Tommy Anderson 

Pomelo Archombeou 

Doniel Armstrong 

Kotie Arris 

Michelle Averetre 

Jennifer Oorcito 

Ronnie Barnes 

Moriolice Barrett 

Keith Bortlett 

There's Gotta Be o 1st! 

"Now where did they move 

thot moth room'' asks Melony 

Boone (left) Kelli Keefer (right) 

looks equally lost Ah, one of 

the joys of being new to IJH5 is 

the first week and being lost the 

whole timel T 

First donee of the year for 7th 
graders Jenny Perry (left) and 
Lisa Evans (right) is o different 
experience They're toking o 
rest from oil of rhot hord donc- 
ingji T 



Krysrol Dloir 
Mork Dlonchord 
Mark Doldygo 
Shorolyn Donnemo 
Melony Boone 

Aaron Borelli 
Terrence Droithwoire 
Suzanne Bremer 
Mike Brown 
Stephen Bruno 

Kelly Buck 
Brion Buckler 
Scort Buettner 
Michelle Bullord 
Yolondo Bryd 

Gregory Cannon 
Trino Cannon 
Wendy Carlson 
Thomas Coruthers 
Seon Carvey 

Rodelio Cotohon 
Adrienne Chamberlain 
Jennifer Check 
Lisa Christopher 
John Cloffy 

Jomes Clark 
Carolyn Coleman 
Hunter Collier 
Jennifer Connor 
Kotrino Cooke 

Christian Cool 
Tracy Cox 
Amy Cnog 
Michelle Craig 
Chris Croig 

Wayne Crimmins 
Kelly Crockett 
Beth Crouch 
Valerie Culver 
John Currey 


Mott Doubermon 

Seon Davenport 

Dill Dovis 

Annirro Denron 

Daniel Depriesr 

Tino Dioz 

Amy Donovan 

Dorrl Drake 

Allison Durfee 

Terry Eby 

Kir Ehrgood 
Kim Eley 

Jono Eskridge 
Chris Esres 

Juan Evancheck 
Lisa Evans 

Orion Ezell 

Jeff Foulkner 

Anna Fischer 

Pool Fischer 

Steve Fitzgerold 

Steve Fockler 

J J Foremen 

Steve Fort 

Evan Foster 

Tim Fronklin 

Torisslo Funderburk 

Holli Furmon 

Michael Geer 

Jody Gibert 

Chorlene Gibson 

Just woiiing to get tlieir pic- 
tures token they nrioke sure 
their toces ore m the woy of 
this comero A few in this 
bunch ore John Dennett Rodel 
Cotohon Seon Dovenport. 
Dovid Lemke 
ond Dovtd Hem- 
phill oil seventh 
graders This 
yeof s youngest 
IJH5 doss hos 
mode its 
presence felt 
Not too old yet 
to hove to be 
cool, their en- 
thusiosm IS 
definitely good 
for IJH5 They 
moy ger push- 
ed into trosh 
cons get lost on 
the woy to 
doss or even 
coll teochers by 
the wrong 
nomes The im- 
portont thing is 
they hove 
mode It, they 

Look Our 




NIcholyn Gibson 
Tobifho Gimberr 
Charles Gnilko 
Jennifer Gochenour 
Jason Gossmon 

Bobby Gray 
Stephanie Green 
Eric Griggs 
Corol Gunrer 
Trey Honbury 

Shonnon Harless 
David Horrls 
Horold Horfmon 

Lisa Harvey 
Cheryl Hastings 
VIckl Hotch 

Keith Henrich 
Brian Helms 
Dovid Hemphill 


JP f ' ^ i 

Eddie Hendricks 
Manuel Heredia 
Amy Hill 
Kelly Hogan 
John Holdzkom 

Ronald Holliday 
Suzanne Holtmonn 
Kristen Horton 
Sfoci Horton 
Scott Hovey 

Gory llllngsworth 
Peter Irish 
Cynthia Jockson 
Trino Jockson 
Susan Jacobs 


Jerel Jefferson 

Kimberly Johnson 

Tommy Koczmorczyk 

Christine Kebbell 

Kelli Keefer 

Meionie Keffer 
Kim Kelley 

Suzanne Kemp 

Tricio Kersey 

Drion Kighr 

Steven Klempsrme 

Deonno Loir 

Steve Lone 

Morilyn Lothom 

Meionie Lowson 

Mott Lee 

Tom Legros 

David Leml^e 

Cosey Lewis 

Jennifer Lipfert 

Kellie Lusk 

Jennifer Lyczok 

Krisien Lymon 

LIso Modeyski 

Detty Moillei 

Mark Morcus 

Cotio Martins 

LIso Mason 


Kelli Pollock ond IXobin Stirt ore o greot orgument for the foct thot 
parents and not always the kids ore late These two were found on 
the curb in front of IJH5 ofter the SCA donee — the next morning!!! 

e f 'U ^ 


f li f ^ . ^ 

"Aww, Ms. 


100 Times? Around 

the Gym?'' 

Qsks Scotr Duerrner Something 7th groders seem to hove 
Q problem with is knowing when to toke theit teachers 

Jennifer Mathews 
Louro Morsko 
Gory Matthews 
Jullonn Mottiko 
Lorry May 

Eric Moynor 
Kerry McCrocken 
Kristie McCrocken 
Jeff McCreody 
Chrisfino McElveen 

George McLeod 
James McMonnes 
Scot McQueen 
Kim Mercer 
Jodie Miles 

Stephen J Miller 
Steven A, Miller 
Richard Mills 
Sandra Monoco 
Allen Moore 

Allison Moore 
Beth Moore 
Erick Moore 
Keven Morrison 
Melissa Morrison 
Kenny Moser 
Scott Mowery 
Paul Murroy 


Joson Nonce 

Dersy Neol 

Shone Newberry 

John Newron 

Andrew NIcholls 

Foirhe Nichols 

Scort Nilsson 

Kim Noble 

Aniro Normon 

Heeorher Oden 

Connie Oneol 

Lisa Overron 

Dilly Owens 

Christine Owsiony 

Kevin Porker 

Mike Payne 

Rudoifo Pereiro 

Jennifer Perry 

Dovid Phinisey 

Tony Picord 

Kane Pirtenger 

Kellie Pollock 

Angle Pope 

Ricky Poulior 

DosQ Precythe 

Arerho Rondolph 

Michael Rowls 

Rhode Raymond 

Thomas Reddick 

Chrisrine Redding 

Chris Redfield 

Shannon Repinski 

Ricky Reyes 

Morsholl Reynolds 

Kent Richie 

Adorn Richmond 

Stephonie Ridley 

Elizabeth Riner 

Todd Robbins 

Trent Robbins 


Jessica Rodriguez 
Christy Rollins 
Melissa Roppolo 
Deth Rose 
Tracy Rosenbolm 

Troy Rorhoff 
Paul Rowe 
Dionno Russell 
Scotr Ryan 
Julie Sockerr 

Stephanie Sargent 
David Scorpullo 
Richard Scott 
Kevin Segerblom 
Scott Segerblom 

Judy Sloyfon 
Jennifer Sloan 
Mike Small 
Doug Smallwood 
Abby Smith 

Cory Smith 
Michelle Smith 
William Smith 
Jeff Spohr 
Jeff Stonfield 

Kardines Stevenson 
Ion Stiff 
Robin Stiff 
John Srout 
Steven Stricklond 

Doris Sturgeon 
Patrick Tainsh 
Adrion Taylor 
Jenifer Taylor 
Laurie Thompson 

Allen Thorson 
Bill Tolbert 
Poul Tomlinson 
Gory Toone 
Wendy Turner 


Kuitis Vorior 

Michael Vasrono 

Carol Vesr 

Denlse Vincent 

Liso Woire 

Chrlsrine Woll 

Dwone Watson 

Ginger Wentz 

Andtew White 

Amy Whirson 

Steven Wilcox 

Julie Williams 

Lindo Williams 

Corherlne Willoughby 

Emmo Wilson 

Tim Wilson 

Wendy Wilson 

Karen Woodhouse 

Sondro Woodruff 

Tony Wyott 


i% ^t, 




■L RKloffe 

Donald Yoger 

Thomas Young 

Steven ZerborinI 

Sunshine & Snniles 


Fred Dysort 
John Hodgopuolos 
Christy Howley 
Robin Lindsoy 
Richord Moher 
Rochel Mortin 
Tommy Mell 
Angela Moore 
Horvey Roffensperger 
Michael Smith 

■^ Stephenie Greene. Deno Jones and Laura Cowon 
ore enjoying some sunshine early one morning 
before school Our photographer cought them with 
lovely smiles' 


Ms. D. McCorf reoches 9th grade 
Biology After earning her M.5 
or Dufler University in Indiono, 
Ms. McCort hod taught in In- 
diono schools ond at Kempsville 
Jr. before coming to IJHS T 

Ms. A. Porker spends her days 
teaching APS ond IPS (physical 
science) and her nights working 
on needlecraft ond taking core 
of the newest oddition to the 
Porker family T 

Mr. Lee is o member of the 
science depxirtment. T 

▲ Although he has taught for 10 
years, this is Mr. G. Mizenko's 
first yeor teoching Life Science at 
IJHS He enjoys camping and 
creating various types of art 

▲ Coming to IJHS from PA. Jr is 
Ms. K. Shinn. She received her 
D.S. and Master's degrees from 
Old Dominion University. 

▲ While Ms. Parker was out on 
moternity leave, Ms. Drori took 
over her classes. Unfortunately, 
Ms. Drori could only stay with us 
for one groding period before 
moving on to another school 



Mr. F. Johnstone hos fought 
science in the Virginia Deoch 
schools for Q totol of 19 years. 
He received his D.S. from the 
University of Virginio. One of his 
hobbies is ploying golf. T 

Her hobbies are plants, music, 
ond crofts. She was born in S.C. 
She thinks that IJHS students ore 
super. She reoches 8th grode 
science. She is Ms. G. Derrick. T 


■^ Ms. Porker and Mr. 
Johnstone seem o 
motched pair' Ms. Porker 
went on to lose her 
when she hod o lirtle 
boy in November. What 
obout you, Mr. 

The 7rh grade science course is life 
science. This is on environmentol 
approach to the study of living 
things The introductory skills ond 
core objectives help the student 
undersrond the link between living 
organisms and the physical world. 
The physical science course is on 6rh 
grode doss that is introductory ond 
provides investigorions to observe 
the properties of matter and energy. 
The earth space science course, 
offered to 9th graders, is on 
Integrated course drawing from the 
areas of geology, astronomy, 
oceonogrophy, meteorology, 
physicol geography, conservation 
ond use of energy. The biology 
course, also offered to 9th groders, 
uses a srondord comprehensive 
approach. The course stresses the life 
processes from the basic cell through 
the development of complex 
multicellular orgonisms. 

Ms. Dillon is o member of the 
science deportment. T 

A Mr. L. Revelle teaches 9th 
grode science. One of his 
favorite hobbies is speedboots. 


Morh Deporrmenr Cholrmon, 
Ms. N. Rohal. reaches Algebra I 
ond Generol Morh 8 She enjoys 
crofrs. sewing, reading, ond 
mokes o meon botch of spinoch 
bolls! ▼ 

Ms. D. Stevens is spending her 
4th year reaching rwo levels of 
7th grade moth and Elementory 
Alg I Dorn in Cononsburg, PA, 
Ms Srevens received her D 5 in 
Education ot Colifornio Store in 
PA ▼ 

Coming to IJHS from Plozo Jr is 
Ms. T. Rogers. Orher thon mok- 
ing faces ot people in the holl, 
she teaches General Moth 8 ond 
Pre-Algebro She olso enjoys 
sevicing. needle point, and for 
ovi^oy ploces ▼ 


A Ms. S. Morris hos spent 6 years 
of her life teoching moth This 
yeor she is teoching Moth 7 ond 
Pre-Algebro During her spore 
rime, Ms Morris enjoys rocing 
her Vette. 

▲ Students of Ms. K. Cooper 
better wotch their step' One of 
Ms Coopers hobbies is working 
with Morching Bonds and Color 
Guords, ond she does o super 
job Word is thot Ms Coopers 
dosses ore never out of line!" 

▲ Modern donee is o fovorite 
hobby of Ms. C. Morgan. When 
not teoching Alg I or Elem Alg 
I, she olso likes to sew, comp 
ond to get Involved in com 
munlty octlvlties. 

Not only does Mr. F. Adorns 

seem to enjoy teaching dosses, 
but also to take classes Some of 
the colleges Mr Adorns hos or- 
rended ore University of 
Nebrosko, lowo State College 
Williom ond Mory, ond ODU ▼ 

\ - 

Ms. L. Ruesch believes thot the 
students or IJHS achieve 
outstonding ocodemic levels 
which con be seen in the long 
list of honor roll students Ms 
Ruesch teaches Geom 9 and 
Dosic Moth 8 ▼ 

Coming from Chesopeoke City 
ond Henrico Counry Schools, Ms. 
L. Daker is teaching Moth 7 ond 
Pre-Algebro Some of her 
spedol inrerests ore sleigh riding 
(when possible) ond bike riding 

▲ Mr. E. Gurney feels rhot IJHS is 
o very well orgonized school 
He received his B S in education 
from use in Columbia S C and 
IS presently teaching Generol 
Moth 6 ond 9 


A Sewing, needle point, cook- 
ing, ond booting ore just o tew 
of the hobbies thot Ms. E. Hell 
indulges in During school hours 
rhough, she is involved in help- 
ing the students in her 7th ond 
8fh grade classes goin o better 
understonding of moth. 

▲ Mr. K. Wiltshire knows ond 
tolks to mony celebrities thot 
the rest of us con only see ot the 
movies People like E T , Mr 
Spock, ond Iron ore ot his beck 
ond coll Mr Wiltshire teaches 
Computer Science ond loves 
working with omoteur rodlos 



M Problem Solvers 

The morhernQrics deporrmenr offers ten courses 
ro meer rhe needs of our students. These courses 
form on occeleroted program: Moth 7 Superior, 
Algebra I, and Geometry; on overage progrom: 
Moth 7 Average, General Moth 8 or Pre-Algebro, 
ond Elementary Algebra or Algebra I; and o basic 
or remedial progrom: Basic Moth 7, Dosic Moth 8, 
and General Moth 9. 

Home Economics dosses or independence ore about you, 
your fomily, ond your friends All dosses ore open ro boys ond 
girls and ore full of ideas for use in olmost every oreo of your 
doily life. Procricol odvice ond skills ore developed in food ond 
clothing, money monogement, child core and bobysitring. 
coreers, grooming, ond home decorofing You moy roke o 
semester in seventh grode. Home Economics I in 6fh or 9rh 
grode, ond Home Economics II after completing HE. I. EHA is 
included at oil levels ro give students leadership and decision 
moking skills. 

? ODD Couple: Neither Ms. Morris nor 
. Weirlch seems ro know whors go- 
I on! 

Home-moklng Heroes 

A Sew, offer 7 years of 
reaching, things ore still 
cooking In Ms. C. Allen's 
8th grade Honne 
Economics I dosses. Ms. 
Allen enjoys teaching of 
IJHS because of the ter- 
rific student body. 

▲ Ms. M. Pugh 

7th grade 


▲ An exciting new ospecr for 8rh grade students through 
their moth classes this yeor Is the 15 doy Computer Literacy 
course. This course introduces the student to BASIC 
(Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) a 
computer longuoge which many home computers use. In 
our computer lob, the students work with Mr. Spock, E.T., 
Tron, Yodo, ond Garfield, Radio Shock TRS. Here Mr. Wiltshire 
is seen with Mr. Spock. 

▲ Didn't think wed put this In did yo, Ms. Rogers? 

E.T. Comes to IJ.H.S., With Mr. Spock, Yodo, 


Mr Esber Ms Derek and Mr. 
Doiley — on rhe woy out! ► 

A,Mr. Marsholl and Mrs. Gurney, ore 2 very 

fomilior faces oround IJHS He con be found 

out omong students any time She con be 

found only when other teochers ore out' 

Language Arts offers students English in eoch grode level, 

developmentol ond seventh grade reading, public speoking, ond 

dromo English dosses ore divided into three levels Superior, 

Averoge ond Remedial Each level concentrates on developing the 

student's ability to expand his usage of the orol and written 

longuoge The reading programs concentrote on improving the 

student s obility to reod, interpret, ond evaluote all types of 

longuoge Public speoking deols with the skills needed to speok well 

before oudiences Dromo encouroges interest in theotre introducing 

students to oil ospects of play productions The student-centered 

instruction provided by the Deportment of English enobles each 

student to expand his obilities through opplicoiion ond explorotion 

of rhe skills tought, teoching him to think and use language 

effectively in his present ond future situations in life 

Ms. C. West teoches English 8 
She groduoted from Texos Tech 
University with degrees in 
French ond English Ms West is 
impressed with the high overoll 
student ochievement here ot 

Lirerorure Lovers 

▲ Only students with on ocute j 
listening ear might detect that i 
one of our English teochers is 
from Torboro, N,C (home of 
numerous fomous people) For 
those whose hearing is not fine- 
tuned, Mr. H. Dalley, Eng 8 
teocher, is thot mystery person. 

▲ One of our English 9 teochers 
hos not only tought in several 
stotes like Po ond Colif , but hos 
even tought os for awoy as 
Tokyo Japan Besides teaching 
English. Ms, E. McDride teaches 
Public Specking I 

▲ A graduate of Old Dominion 
Univ Mr. R. Jones teoches 
fnglish 8 this year at IJHS In his 
spore lime, Mr Jones likes to 
keep in shope by lifting weights 
ond long disionce running 


Ms. M. Weiner began teaching 
English 9 at IJHS three years ago 
She was born in Doltimore, Md 
ond participates in the Interno- 
fionol Folk Dancing group T 

"The students or IJHS hove 
olwoys mode it the best junior 
high in the city," says Ms. V. 
Merritt. This English 7 teacher is 
busy toking groduate courses at 
ODD and preparing for a little 
Merritt. T 

A graduate of ODD, Ms. D. 
Alessio teoches English I. ▼ 

A Ms. Lont is one of the 7th 
grade Reading teochers She 
has been teaching for 11 years 
Tennis and creative design ore 
her hobbies. 

A Ms. K. Lossetter has taught in 
variety of places: Marylond, 
Florida, Rhode Island, and the 
U.S. Naval Academy, She v^^os 
born in Baltimore, Md. and 
loves to go to the beoch She 
teaches 7th grade Reoding. 

A A collector of elephants ond 
other minioture statues, Ms. L. 
Pyles teaches 7fh grade 
Reading and Developmental 
Reading A and D Ms. Pyles 
received her D.S. at Sovonnoh 
State ond her MA. ot Atlanta 

Ms. A. Williams teoches 8th and 
9th grade English She loves ice 
skating and snow skiing She has 
also taught ot Cox High School 

This is Ms. P. Cosklil's 6th year 
teaching English. She enjoys 
reading, bike-riding, and cross 
stitch. ▼ 

Spending his first yeor teaching 
at IJHS is Mr. 6. McMlnn. He 
teoches English 9 and Drama I. 
His hobbies ore reoding, writing, 
ond directing. ▼ 

A Ms. Morchbonk teoches 9fh 
grade English. 

Ms. F. Dials is in chorge of the 
Reoding Resource progrom at 
IJHS. Not only does she hove 
tolent for helping students with 
reading, but she is o whiz at 
gourmet cooking and baking. 

A This is Ms. E. Kifer's second 
yeor working with the Reading 
Resource doss. She is olso work- 
ing with the foreign students in 
the building helping them learn 
English and get adjusted to a 
new school. 


9rh grode srudenrs rake 

port in flog foorboll, field 

hockey, gymnosrlcs and 

wrestling, coed volleybol: 

rrock and field, end sofrbol 

In heolrh rhey study 

Qnoromy and physiology, 

circulatory problems, 


resuscitotion (CPP.) ond 

standard first aid. 8th grade 

students participate in 

speedboll, basketbol 

tunnbling and gymnastics, 

track and field, and softball 

In health they study 

personal hygiene topics , 

reloting to skin, hair, and 

teeth; infectious and chronic 

diseases; and drug, alcohol, 

and tobocco abuse, and 

proper nutrition. 7th grade 

students participate in 

soccer, bosketboll, tumbling, 

frock and field, and softboll 

In health rhey study body 

systems, personality 

development, nutrition, 

consumer health, ecology, 

substance abuse, ond 

safety. All students 

participate in the Presidenriol 

Fitness testing program. 

A Born in N'ew XJgofw, Ind 
R. Delcher nnigrQtea\i\ IJH5 n 
reach 6rh and 9rh grodeA, mold- 
ing only one sropover to reach 
at Kings Grant Elem He firmly 
believes that our cooching staff 
carries a lot of weight ot school 

Physical Fonorics 

This is where teachers go ofter the 6th bell rings Here you see Ms. G. Dlue 
ond Ms. M. A. Wotkins on a Monday morning after being run through the 

wringer over the weekend 

Mr. G. Dorlond, o groduote of 
Oftawo University, taught Driver 
Educotion before coming to 
IJHS When osked what he likes 
obout IJHS he soys we have on 
outstonding P,E Dept — 
especiolly the men' T 

Ms. G. Rodgers is spending her 
first yeor at IJHS teoching 9th 
graders the bosics of Heolth/P i 
Her minor in dance reflects her 
interest in donee, cheerleading, 
and gymnastics ▼ 

A Ms. G. Dlue teaches Health, 
Physical Ed and Adoptive P E 
Besides IJHS Ms. Dlue has taught 
ot Boyside Jr. Cox High, ond 
Foirfox High for a grond total of 
14 years 

A Ms. M. A. Wotkins is on osplr- 
ing chef disguised as a 7th and 
8th grade Heolth/P E teacher 
here ot IJHS She loves sports, 
especially tennis. 

A Coming from Shelton Pork 
Mementory Mr. W. Ludwig 
teaches 7th and 8th grade 
Health/ PL He received his 
degree from Norfolk Stote 

After full day of teaching 
French I, and II, Ms. A. Dennett 
enjoys o good gome of tennis 
During 16 years of teaching, Ms 
Dennett hos spread French 
language as Oscor Smith, PA 
high and Doyside Jr. ▼ 

She began teaching V7 days at 
Kellom High. Then she 
"graduated" to whole days 
That was 6 years ago Now Ms. 
W. Jonz is teaching 8th ond 9th 
graders Spanish I or II ▼ 

Mr. Sheorl is a V2-day German 
teacher here at IJHS ▼ 

Intelligent Interpreters 

Foreign Languages ore nor only ' roughr" or Independence bur rhey ore "lived" in the 
classroom and ourside rhe classroom. Throughour rhe year, rhe French, Sponish, Germon, 
and Larln srudenrs participate in such programs as Christmas Around The World, The Virginia 
Beach Festival at Lynnhaven Mall, Foreign Language Week, and on Internotionol Dinner. 
During these happy festivities, rhe foreign language is spoken ond many ore dressed in 
native costumes. 

Not only is the language used in a natural context bur the culture of the native country 
srudied is experienced ond enjoyed throughout the year. 

Dorn and educated in Cuba, Ms. 
I. Soto teoches Spanish I and II. 
She received her Ph.D. from the 
University of Northern Iowa. Ms. 
Mr. H. Mortin teoches Latin I ond Soto has taught for 14 years in 

the US ▼ 

A Ms. N. Driggs teaches French I 
When asked how long she has 
been teoching, she replied, "Ce 
nest pas combien d'onnees, 
mois comment!" 

Ms. S. Eure is the General 
Business 9 teacher She was 
born in Suffolk and received her 
D.S from Elizabeth City State 

A major purpose of o course 
in General Business is to con- 
tribute to improved economic 
citizenship through a srudy of 
the business and economic en- 
vironment in which we live. 
Students ore tought to be wise 
and skillful in selecting and us- 
ing goods and services, compe- 
tent and efficient in managing 
their personol and financial af- 
fairs; and appreciative and 
knowledgeable of the 
American business system and 
irs integral role in our total 
economic society. 

Fantastic Financiers 


A During rhe doy, Mr. J. Jones 
posses himself off os on Art I. Art 
II teocher But worch our. Give 
film o foncy pair of whire po- 
jomos and o block beir ond he 
becomes o Korore experr 

▲ Mr. J. Srirh teaches Arr Ex- 
plorotory for rhe 7rh graders 
Born In Sourhompron Counry, 
VA, Mr 5firh likes to spend his 
free rime on photogrophy ond 
outdoor activities. 

Pointing A 

The Art deportment offers three levels of in- 
struction for the ospiring art student A seventh 
grade exploratory course enables the student 
to acquire o sompling of bosic arr concepts Art 
I exposes the students to o voriety of ex- 
periences which ocquoint them with the mony 
woys ort ploys a port in their doily lives Art II is 
designed to meet the demands of the more 
serious-minded art student In-depth study of 
the vorious areas of ort afford the student a 
well-rounded opprooch to the art of 

Mr. L. Willie believes one of rhe 
positive aspects of teoching ot 
IJHS is that rhe students interests 
should and do come first. Mr 
Willie procrices rhis belief in his 
World Geog ond Socio! Studies 
8 dosses ▼ 

Ms. S. Friedman has taught ot 
Kempsville High and Norfolk 
Collegiate before coming to IJHS 
to teoch 9fh grode World 
History Severol of her fovorite 
pastimes include reoding and 
music ▼ 

The course offerings in Social 
Studies ore composed of 
seventh, eighth, ond ninth 
grode progroms The seventh 
grade course is o semester of 
Americon History covering rhe 
period from coloniol times to 
the presenr 

The eighrh grode course is o 
study of major decisions and 
issues of our government from 
colonizotion to the present 

The ninth grade program in- 
cludes courses of World History 
ond World Geography World 
History is designed to provide 
on in-depth study of western 
ond eastern cultures World 
Geography will provide rhe stu- 
dent with the knowledge of the 
relotionship between man and 
his environment 

History ▲ 

A Mr. J. Liner reaches 7rh grode 
Americon Hisrory Born in North 
Carolina, Mr Liner loves to hunt 
ond fish But beware he 

goes offer onyrhing that moves 
ond bitesll! 

A Ms. C. Kristo spent her lost 
year teoching 9th grade World 
History here at IJHS In the mid- 
dle of the yeor she moved on 
to better things a husbond 
ond a home in Canada, 

A Teaching 7th grade Sociol 
Studies and 9th grade World 
Geogrophy is Mr. L. Schuster. 
During his 6 years of teoching, 
Mr Schuster hos fought in 
several slates before coming to 
IJHS including Pa and N J 


A groduote of Sweet Drier Col- 
lege, Ms. L. CoQtes reaches LDR, 
(o resource program for the 
learning disobled students) to 
7th, 8th, and 9th graders. This is 
her 11th year teaching T 

As of December 16, 1982, Ms. E. 
Durkin hos been teoching for 1 
year, 3 months, and 4 days . . 
but who's counting? She also 
teaches LDR. Her hobbies ore 
music, oerobics, crofts, and 
reading. ▼ 

A follower of f leomorkers, Ms. D. 
Dovis is a norive of South Hill, 
Virginia, During school hours, Ms. 
Dovis reoches EMP, students. ▼ 




A Ms. D. Froim returned to us ot 
the end of Jonuory after hoving 
baby girl on Nov. 30, 1982. 
She teaches the heoring- 
impoired students. 

A IJHS's very own Texon born 
teocher, Ms. D. Schultz, is in her 
4fh year here. Out of school 
finds her with fishing gear in her 

A Mr. M. Sidgnono teaches L.D. 
This is his 7th year teoching. He 
wQS born in Brooklyn, N.Y. and 
has attended New York State 
University and ODU. 

Involved teachers: Ms. Stanley, 
Mr. Sicignono, Ms. Schultz, and 
Ms. Cootes Of the first day SCA 
roily. ► 

Ms. L. Scott is the interpreter for 
the hearing-impaired students 
She has olso been employed 
by the Norfolk City Schools ond 
by Christopher Newport Col- 
lege. She was born In the 
r^epublic of Ponomo. T 

Coming to IJHS from the South 
Jersey Institute of Learning is Ms. 
R. Crow. She enjoys composing 
music for the piano, comping, 
photography, and visiting 
fleomorkets. She teoches EHR. 

A Ms. D. Stonley is the EH oide. 
Refusing to admit that she was 
born in Portsmouth, Virginia 
Deoch is definitely her home 
She is very octive in oil sports 
ond enjoys reoding ond 

Il3 '^ 

I J t S'.i.T. 
lirtd 111*171 

A Spending her first year os on 
aide with Mr. Sicignono is Ms. N. 
Reese. She wos born in Tompo. 
Flo. Some of her hobbies ore 
cooking ond reading. 

Extra-Core Givers! 

The Special Education deporttnent ot 
Independence Jr. offers indlviduol help to students 
who may be experiencing problems in their regular 
clossrooms. Students ore certified and qualified for 
these classes through our Child Study Team. 
Students who wish this kind of help should contoct 
their guidance counselors. 


Ponez vous Industrial English?; 

■^ Here IS on example of mterdiscipline cooperation Students often find their 
knowledge learned in one subject used or supported in onotfier 

Busy Builders ► 

Industrial Arrs tries ro give rhe student bosic l<;nowledge 

and skills in technology to better prepare him for fitting 

into today s society. Industrial Arts also gives the student 

rhe opportunity to learn and work with basic tools and 

machinery which will help him in his everyday life. 

He loves oil types of music 
video gomes, sports, ond hov- 
ing fun with friends He is storting 
his third yeor of reaching bond 
He is the one ond only Mt. L. Ed- 
words. ▼ 

▲ Ms. S. Dixon teaches 7th, 6rh 
9th grade choruses Some of her 
hobbies include cross stitching 
ceromics, ploster crofts, sewing, 
ond skating this is her 9th yeor 

Melody Makers A 

the Music Deportment of IJHS is mode up of o 7th grade chorus 
Mixed Chorus, Concert Chorus, ond the Modrigol group They perform 
not only in school, but throughout the Tidewater oreo They porticipoted 
In Virginia Deochs All-City Chorus and in the District II MENC-sponsored 
All-f^eglonol Chorus They present concerts for civic organizations, senior 
citizen homes, and hove performed ot several of the molls in the oreo 
Their talents ore mony ond they hove shown thot prociice mokes 
perfect' is their gool Although Mixed and 7th grode chorus is open to 
ony student who wonts to sing, they hove oil shown there is o little hom 
in oil of us 

Crafty Cleaners ► 

Mory Dlldy, Sidney Clifford Doisy Nowlin Moiy Cuffee Gertrude Sutton 

Another graduate of ODD is Mr. J. 
Flynn. Besides interests in Industrial 
Arts Mr. Flynn is olso octive in 
Korore and mokes o mean killer 
toco ▼ 

Mr. E. Welliver teaches 7th 

grade Industriol Arts ▼ 

▲ Mr. M. Weirich's hobby is life 
Itself His enthusiosm for 
everything shows in the woy he 
teaches 9th grade World of Con- 
struction and the way he works 
with his wrestlers. 


▲ This IS Ms. L. Hicks' third yeor 
teaching Industrial Arts at IJHS 
She wos born in Flondo ond 
received her D S in Secondory 
Educ /Vocotionol Technical 
Educ from Old Dominion 

Bus Drivers: Fronr; Vhited, Dresen. Holl, Williamson, Reoume, Drockmon, Doker, Ebmeler, 
Reeves, Connell. 

Dock: Brooks, Lue, Spence, Dreidinger, Werhlngron, Smith, Ponron, Carpenter, Dovis. Goskins, 
Moore, Morsholl 

Mr Johnstone, Tronsporfotion Aide 

•< These five folks ore in charge of keeping the holls of IJHS sparkling They con be seen 
oround ony time of day wiping here, wisking there making IJHS so neat! 


Demolition Drivers 

These people ore responsible for the safe deliverance of 
the students to IJHS every doy They hove to hove the skills 
of professional NASCAR drivers to deal with the traffic on 
Virginio Beoch roods, 

■^ Pom Rodel, Rachel Cornrike, Leslie Johnson, Notilie Phillips, 
Monuelo Petty, Angelo Berrill 

Glossy Cooks 

■4 Cloudine Poul, Corleon Wilkins, Barbara Wilson, Donno 
Si^ Thummo (Manager), Suzanne Seneckol, Thelmo Sroncil 

■4 These ladies work very hord every doy to ease the 
hunger pongs of the students of IJHS. They ore often the 
unsung workers. They prepore enough food for 1000 plus 
people every doy. Hopefully they hove someone to cook 
for them at home after o long day over the stoves of IJHS. 


A LIBRARY ASSISTANTS: Front: Cynthio Durler, Louisa Frenzley, Dione Trice 
Dock; Dovid Turner, John Kupfer, Dole Johnson. Shelly Griffin, Jimmy Forrell, 
Kim Mollis, Kim Aflee 

Finders, Filers and Fixers 

Any srudenr moy be o helper in the office, rhe clinic, rhe library, or 

the guidonce office. Applicorion is mode In the spring or in rhe early 

foil. The srudenr musr hove o 5 course schedule wirh on open bell for 

rhe helper posirion. 

Library Helpers perform o voluoble service for the school. They 

operore the circulation desk, checking out books to student and 

foculty nnembers. They cord returned books and reshelve them. 

From time to time they ore colled on to help with bulletin boards, 

prepore new books and mogozines for circulation, and to do various 

other jobs. Librory helpers ore selecred from srudy hall after filing on 

application and must maintain possing grades ond hove o pleosing, 

businesslike manner. 

The Office Helpers take messages, books, lunches, etc , to students 

and teachers for the office stoff . They help to locate students, place 

materials inro teacher mailboxes, and alphabetize attendance cords. 

These helpers also collate papers, file schedules, and pass out the 

doily ottendonce list to each classroom. 

Office Helpers: Front Kim Noonon. 

Middle Denise Dosko. Pom Archombeou, Shirley Perry 

Dock Chuck Roublk, (Xoy From, Mike Elwess, f^on St Amoni ► 


V -4 CLINIC HELPERS: Left Side: Stephanie Sorgenr. Chris Hughes, 
Tommy Lucey. 
Right Side: Robin Raymond, Shonnon Perry, Kelli Douer. 

Deconning o Clinic Helper: Requiremenrs: The 
students must mQinroin or leosr o C overage in 
rheir required subjects. To beconne o clinic helper 
they simply need to apply and hove their 
potent fill out Q permission slip. As a clinic helper 
students ossist with annuo! screenings, log in 
students, toke temperatures, moke ice pocks 
ond salt water gargles. They olso run various er- 
ronds and return lost articles. 

Guidance Helpers submit application forms to 
secure position. In addition, counselors help to 
determine if student will be an asset to our 
department. Once occepted, student is ex- 
pected to perform duties, mointoin good 
scholastic standing in classes, convey on occept- 
oble attitude and exemplify the character of o 
responsible guidance helper. Guidance helpers 
must conform to some academic requirements 
OS school othletes. This stipulotion requires them 
ro poss 4 subjects each respective 6th week 
period. In the event they do not comply, they 
must return to study holl. 

These helpers moke the work of their odult 
counterparts go much smoother. They reolly con- 
tribute to moking UHSjust o little better. 

Guidance Helpers: Christy Howley, Jerry Stuort, Solly Norfleer, 

Beverly Drodshow, Teri Wright, Bobby Torbert 

Bock: Kelly Kincoid, Jonnifer Dowdy, Kriss McLaughlin, Sonya 

Bailey, Denise Gustofson 

Front: Jennifer Green, J. J. Ficorro, Melissa Dengson. ▼ 



Fronr Toby Lucy, Jason Wolker, Mork Dorker, Scon Sneod, 
Chris Seobron 

Dock: Andy Consolvo, Kurt Kreosslg. John Register, Kenny 
Sumner, Mike Cornell 


Front: Poul ONeil, Mork Dorker Perer Long Scort 

Sneod, Joson Walker 

Dock: Reggie Turner, Song Hon Dnon Toylor, Tony 

Joclnro. Chris Seobron 



Kevin Yen, Dilly Doufhor. Billy Hammond Mike 

Schnockel, Perer Long, Mike Lovelle, Orion Toylor, 

Dilly Rosenow 


CoQch Dorlond 
CoQch Ludwig 






Paul ONell, Mike Doyce, Song 

Hon, Mart Drinfon 


Kenny Sunnner, Kevin Yen, Mike Lovelle, Eddie Reogon, 
Mike Doyce, Mike Schnockel, Motf Drinron, Joson Dorefoor 


Porricio Russ. Dorbor^allohofj 
my Whij^ ^1^ *^.; 

^ 3 



Fronr Kevin Yen, Joson Dorefoor, Mike Schnockel, Song Hon, Scon Sneod, Chris Seobron. Mort Drinron, Mike Lovelle, Eddie Reogon 

2nd Row: Mike Doyce, Mork Dorker, Drion Toylor, Dilly Rosenow, Perer Long, Tony Jocinro, Dilly Dourhor, Dilly Hammond, Kenny 


3rd Row Chris Dorden, Dilly Acuff, Toby Lucy, Kurr Dreossig, Mike Cornell, Andy Consolvo, Joson Wolker, Poul O'Neil, John Register 

4th Row Reggie Turner, Chris Esres, Mike Ansich, Steve Clark, Vince Chambers, Ron Anderson, Robert Keech, Donnie Craig 

Dock Tricio Russ, Dorbaro Callahan, Allan Powers, Jimmy White 









Vo Deoch Jr 





PA. Jr. 




Doyside Jr. 



WON: 1 LOST: 6 




Front Dillie DeH. Michelle Morojeck, Joely 
Porter, Miliso Simmons 
Middle, Kristi (Xitter. Gooch Jomes, Melindo 
Christie, Corlo Voorhees, Danielle Toum, 
Tommy White. Louro Thompson, Christine 

Dock: Mrs Wotson (Coach), Pot Lindemon, 
Janet McCreody, Stocie Shure, Woody 
Dollew, Michelle Witcher, Korhryn Loftin, 
Danielle Aruiso, Lourie Moson, Kindl Ryan, 
Kelli Killion, Ginny Voltz, Monogers: Cindy 
Miller, DeDe Hoselmon 


Front: Dillie Dell, Michelle Motojeck 
Middle: Kristi Rirter, Donielle Toum, Milino Christie, 

Corlo Voorhees 
Dock: Jonet McCreody, Michelle Witcher, Woody 

Ballew, Danielle Aruiso, Kelli Killion 

Ploid Skirr 



Front; Joely Porter 

Middle: Gooch James, Tommy White, Louro Thompson 
Dock: Pot Lindemon, Christine Reyerson, Kothryn LofTin, 
Laurie Mason, Kindl Ryan, Ginny Voltz, Stacy Shure 


Hit Thar Puck! 


Worm up before every gome! ► 


Fronr Jonet McCreody Corlo Voorhees, Gooch Jomes 

Middle Korhyrn Lofrin, Woody Dollew 

Dock Kristi Rirrer. Christine Reyerson, Danielle Aruiso 




KempsvilleJr High 



Drondon Jr High 

Virginio Deoch Jr 


PlozoJr High 

Princess Anne Jr 

Lynnhoven Jr High 

Dayside Jr High 






Gooch Jomes, Woody Dollew. Donnlelle Aruiso, Corlo Voorhees 



•< Cutting for the Doll: Danielle 
Arviso, Michelle Wircher and 

f Get the boll up here, Kristi! Billle Dell, Michelle Wircher, Danielle 
^rveso, Corlo Vorhees, Krisri r>,irrer, Joner McCreocJy, Tommy White 


^ JR £ HS < 











" -.-.^mT- 



A Louro Sykes (Bonner Carrier), Lindo Livernois (Monoger), Kothy Sfocy 
(Manager), Loro Liechry (Banner Carrier). 

▲ Majorettes: Megon Newsfein, Jennifer Dollord, Mary Dolen, Ann Hoffman, Koren 
fXoullet (Kneeling). 

( -(--^ 

■ ■! 

▲ SAXOPHONES: Jeff Annes. (Xoger Floyd, Michael Lyncfi. Andy Old, Corey ▲ TRUMPETS: Mike Dovis, Toby Compton, Doug Webb, Lone Vines 
Hunley Sean Segerblonn. Kevin Terhorr. Drendo Doker 

Not Pictured; Scott Ronnsey. 


Drum Majors: Stocy Gosseff (Kneeling) 
Theresa Kloc (Standing). 

Flufes: Front Down Ringressy, Tostio Jones, Deonno Gibson, Stephonie 


r^eor Kim Noonon, Lynn Nice, Vicki Gates, Suzanne T^omsl^a, Joney 

Davenport, P^obin Futch 

Not Pictured; Suson Reynolds, Donielle Strohecker ▼ 

They're o Real Hit! 

Bond Buddies: Lindo Livernois ond Corey 
Hunley getting ready for o pre-gome stiow 
Of an iJHSgome ▼ 

Percussion: Front: Joe Gront, Jeff Bryner, Kevin Eorly. Steve Shupe 
Reor: IXoymond Jackson, Kenny Sexton, Angle Plonte, Clinton Johnson 
Not Pictured: Dovid Krieger. 

Low Dross: Front Kevin Kelley, Dorrell Loriviere. 

Rear T^obert Feotherer, Walter Thompson, Tim Crawford, Eric 

Coleman, Donald Floro, Eric Lambert. 


Beginner Bond is 
mode up of students 
who hove little or no 
experience in play- 
ing Q musical instru- 
ment. Students leorn 
the basic fundamen- 
tals of reading music 
ond facility on their 
porticulor instrument. 
7th Grode Bond is 
composed of all 7th 
grade students who 
hove been playing 
or least one year. 
Students in the In- 
termediate Bond 
hove been playing 
two or more years 
The basic music 
reoding skills ore 
perfected along with 
learning oil about 
their instruments. 


Fronr: Cody Bedford, Michelle Dullord. Scorr Lofrenlere Chnsrine Kebbell, Yolondo Byron, Poul Srofford Terry Eby 

Michelle Boyer, Lynn Darners, Amy Woiremon, Becky Brighrbill 

Middle Mark Boldygo Ronald Siegel Rcik Chopnnan 

Back: Joseph Kighr Barry Porter, Michael Ouellerre, Thomas Reddick, Chris Divito, Gory Morrhews, Thomos Horvoric 

Bonifacio Cordenos, Doug Roymon, Terry Williams, Paul Gyles, Elvis White 


Front: Jennifer Lipfert, Loura Sykes, Lindo 

Livernols, Geri Contrell. Loro Liechty, Liso 

Horvey, Kathleen Marello, Jan Foley, Tommy 

Warner, Cotherine Peorson, Lorre Wodley 

Middle: Shelson Walter, Liso Williams, Chris 

Swisher, John Whisson, Andy Jons, Lisa Toft, 

Mottle Amis, Christina Zickus, Kelly Rothoff 

Bock: Rick Schell, Ken Gooding, Donny Dent, 

Charles Alfier, Bill Dortolotto, Tommy Shelor, 

Mike Perry, Teo Sofford, David Creole, George 




Front Meredith Dryner, Alice 

Dovenporr, Ann Lolne, Tobbetho 

Pestollfz, Stephonie Whiimore, Porri 

Roberts, Debro Wlilte, Morsho 

Newton, Jullonne Zlci^us, Soroh 

Allen, Joonno Howell, Terri 

Wlllloms, Poulo Collohon, Cindy 


Middle Koren Horris, Jeff Peterson, 

Eddie Mowery, 3eih Kohlhoff, 

Kothy Stocy, Jeff Wlllioms, Corl 

Thompson, Kelly Dovenpon, 

Angellque Homilton, Kenyeiio 

Brumnnlti, Victorio Schlrmonn 

Dock Scott Wotrerson, Dovld 

Ferguson, Steven Solomon, Jomes 

Forrell, Dovld Morgon, Kevin 

Oofes. Oorry Rimo, Steven Gergel, 

Jomes Anderson, Jeff Jones, 

Cynthio Jocobson 


Front Jennifer Gochenour Corolyn 

Colemon, Jennifer Lyczok, Millsso 

Ames, Kellle Pollock, Wendy 

Coflson, Kelly Crockett, Suzonne 

Kemp, Kim Noble, Rochel Decker. 

Krisien Lymon Michoel Poyne 

Scon Mowery, Ricky Reyes, Corol 


Dock Drion Ezell Morh DIonchord 

Dovld Phlnlsey, Jeff Sudderth, John 

Alomo Tom Legros, Scort 

Segerblom. Morsholl Reynolds, 

Chris Esies 


The Fellowship of Christian Athletes Hud- 
dle is Q group of orhleres ond any in- 
terested students who meet weekly for 
food, fun, and o discussion of Christian 

Once Q month we meet ot breokfost 
with the huddles from the other schools in 
our oreo. There ore opportunities to go on 
weekend retreots during the school year 
and comp experiences during the summer. 

M FCA: Front: Kristy LoChonce, Song Hon, Mike Doyce, 

Amy Wilkins, Cindy Rumney. 

Reor: Scon Sneod, Joson Dorefoor. Derh Horris, Woody 


▲ FCA: Front: Jill Lirchenhon, Mory Bolen, Jennifer Liner, Kelley Lomb. Janice 
Heoth, Stephanie Holro, 

Rear: Danielle Arriso, Robin Colby, lino Wyott, Michelle Witcher, Christy Brock, 
Jonet McCreody, Donielle Toum. 

•^ FCA OFFICERS: Seoted; Scott Sneod — President 

Standing: Beth Horris — Vice president, Kristy LoChonce — Secretory. 

Not Piaured: Jenni Owens, Nicole Jomes, Mike Lovelle, Melino Christie. Becky 
Reynolds, John Bowen, Sandy Hoselmon, Rolph Record ond Perer Long. 


Sing Me 
Q Song! 

The Chorus presented o 

delightful musicol concert. 

They presented the 

concert during the 

Christmos season end 

song festive holidoy 

songs. In one of the 

songs, The Twelve Days 

of Christmas, A/\rs. Dixon 

picked some teochers out 

of the audience and they 

did the motions to the 

song. The concert wos 

directed superbly by Mrs. 

Dixon and the chorus was 

equally as great! 

The Madrigals spent 

many early mornings on 

buses going to 

elementary schools and 

convalescent homes to 

present carolling concerts. 

A Concert Chorus: Front Loro White CricKet Tollyn Rondee Cross LoVondo Suiter Beth Touhey, Lourle Moson 

2nd Row Amy Gorrls, Becky Johnson, Terri Wills, Jennifer Mercodo, Nomoste Norelle, Mory Sewell, Lindo Moxwell, Jonet Ziegler 

3rd Row Roxonne Tyndoll, Julie Coffin, Sharon Welch Stocy Rogers, Tino Trommell, Vicki Wickers Jennifer Boymo Jill Amentler. Audrc 

Chisholm, Jonni Toylor, Srephonie Doin, Kofy Lowe, Terri Lodoux 

4th Row Borboro Horrell, Down Allen, Rene Leggett, Sheri Schochtner, Tomnny Homel, Korl Liebort, Roy From, Dovid Lowenthol, Scottie 


Bock Kelly Cooper, Goyle Schilling, Suson Crowfhers, Kelly Homilton Bobbionne Potterson, Kothy Smith, Angelo Corpino. Wendy Mur 

roy, Julie Plockett, Morrho Plott 

A MADRIGALS: Front Adrio Hopkins, Gino Rosenrhol, Trocey Simon 

Middle Pom fXice, Alon Powers, Liso Moriln. Chorlty Jockson, Donnie Diggs, Michelle Jonecko, Corrle Dodwell, IXichord Copley, Myro Sipe, Dono Sword 

IXeor Tonio LyIe, DovId Lowenthol. Anno Wilkinson. Christino Hornsby. Michoel Porter, Dryon Spohr, Wendy Keller, Sureno Motin, Lisa (\oymond. Christy 



▲ 7th Grade Chorus: Front: Linda Willioms, Meloni Lowson, Doug Smollwood, Stephen 

Lone, Erick Moore, Cindy Aggos, Shori Donnemo. 

2nd Row: Jodie Miles, Lisa Christopher, Beth Crouch, Jen Acosto, 

3rd Row: AnniftQ Denton, Robin Stitt, Kristo Bouer, Julionn Mottiko 

4th Row: Allen Thorsen, Michelle Averette, Dono Precythe, Kelly Duck 

Bock Row: Faith Nichols, Michelle Smith, Tommy Anderson, Robyn Anderson, Jenny 


Mrs Dixon, Choral Director 

Tonio Lyie ond Christine Hornsby come in ofter 
hoving their picture token. 

Mixed Chorus: Rear: Liso Worden, Kim Cowon, Kim Pulcini, Theresa Johnson, Louro Hills, Nito Brones, 

Jessica Hill, Alon Rogers, Adria Hopkins, Sherri Dollhoffer, Cindy Frey, Kothy Moon, 

Middle: Liso Kolaczyk, Cindy Murrell, Jennifer Pennington, Rochel McCusker, Lisa Schmid, Suson Horris, 

Allison Bloxom, Shannon Dudmon, Louro Miller, Joy Spurgeon, Carrie Dodwell, Bonnie Reed. 

Front: Peggy Kight, Becky Aldermon. 


A FRENCH CLUO OFFICERS: Mary Soguinsin, Vice President Laurie Moson, President 
Dryon Spohr, HIstorlon Corel Garrison, Treosurer; Jennifer Mercodo. Secretory 

Decky Hoselmon, Megon Newstein, Kenny Sexton deliver condy cones which were 
sold to help World Vision end The Joy Fund ► 

< Christmas Candy Cone Elves: Nicole Gouthier, Noel Bird, 
Suson Crowfhers, Pom Holberg. 

French Club: Top Left: Front: Amelia Au, Fiona Dullord. Megon 

Middle: Nomosre Norelle, Anne Vihn, Stephonie Totem, J. J. 
Ficorro, Ex Zobollero 

Reor: Shelly Griffin, Robin Gorrison, Toby Compton, Kelly Kin- 
cold, Tino Reeves. 

Porlez Vous 

Le Solon Froncois (The French Club) 

The French Club has as its goo! to learn about 
the indepth culture of France. The club also 
believes in contributing to society. This year, the 
club sold candy cones with o message to raise 
funds for the Joy Fund and World Vision. We par- 
ticipated in the Foreign Longuoge Fair or the 
Lynnhoven Moll ond helped host our annual 
Foreign Language Dinner here at Independence 
Jr. High School. 

French Club: Front: Beth Holland, Michelle Motejek, Jennifer 
Bollord, Karen Roullet, Ron Aruto, Kathleen Robbins. 
Middle: Goyle Schilling, Pom Holberg, Audrey Willioms, 
Suzonne Nielson, Chrissy Wicks. 

Reor: Jon Embry, Stephanie Byrd, Jackie Stonfield, Julie Cof- 
fin, Angle Gordon. ▼ 


Spanish Club: Front: Gino Hidy. Tricio 
Cosmer, Srephonie Dyrd. Srocy Schrier. 
Tonyo Homilron, Gino Chandler. Corhy 
Cooper. Dr Soto (Sponsor) 
Rear: Robyn Loyton, Angle Dyklns, 
Gornet Vincent ▼ 

▲ Spanish Club: Front: Lore 
Liechry, Lisa Mvero. Dorboro ^ 
Hovey, Mellsso Simmons. Dee 
Holl, Denise Mickelson. Morjorle 
Allen. Down Grossnickle 
Rear Mark Nohro. Manny 
IXodriguez, Robbie Arbuckle. Bil- 
ly Jernigon. Rod McLeod. 
Denise Smith. John VIck. Eric 

Sponish Club: Front: Kelli Klllen, Kris 
Zlckus, Gerl Contrell. Pot LIndermon. 
Jon Sowyer, Jullonne Zlckus, Liso 
Horless, Annette Stoub 
Reor: Dovld Dean, Billy Bortolotto. 
Poul Brightblll. John Voccoro. 
Wllllom Cox. Somuel Povey, Jesse 
Costono, Allison Pitmen. 


I HoblQ esponol? 

The Independence Junior High Spanish Club, Los Conquistodores, 
consists of 50 members strong and takes an active port in school ac- 
tivities. The year consisted of many fun-filled activities. To start off 
the year, the club went to Chi-Chi's Resfourant for Columbus Day. 
The Christmas program in December showed some hidden talents 
in some Spanish students. For Valentine's Day there wos o fund- 
raising project to help a sick child at the Children's Hospital of the 
Kings' Daughters. In March students from Spanish I and II por- 
ticipoted in the Nationol Spanish Examinations. Foreign Language 
Week wos olso onother major activity for the club. For this year 
ond many more, IJHS Spanish Club will always be on top! 

■^ Spanish Club 
Christmas Progrom 

Mrs Jonz ond her Spanish II doss ore busy in the Home Ec kitchens cooking Poelio. ▼ 

At Chi-Chi's Resiouront T 

▲ Spanish Club Officers: Mark Nohro, Vice- 
President: Loro Llechty, Secretory; Lisa 
Piivero. President 

A Soy Chi-Ch: 


Despire o slow srorr, Dromo Club 
produced o fine effort or the ciry-wide 
one-ocr comperirion or Brandon Junior High 
School Performing Fred Cormichoels force, 
"He's Hoving o Doby," club members ore 
shown here in rhe eorly sroges of reheor- 
sol. Work begins in rhe spring on 
"Snoopy!!!" o sequel ro "You're A Good 
Mon, Charlie Drown, " rhe successful brood- 
woy musical comedy. 

"This is rhe woiring room. Mrs North" soys the nurse 
(Wendy Schotzmonn). ► 

▲ Ponfomime I always bring o flosk olong," soys 
the vereron Mrs Fosrer (Denise Dosko, right), for you 
first timers" to Mrs Murray (Korhryn Lofton, left) 

He's Hovifng 
Q Baby? ► 


A No rhonks. I don't smoke" Mrs North (Vol Siegal, left) to Mrs Grofon (Annette Stoub, right). 


■^ John Embry doing o flying side kick ■ 

■ Look out, 

The Karate Club, which is in its second 
year, has several new members os well 
OS returnees. The efforts of Mr. Jones 
and Jon Embry has enabled the 
members to participate in a structured, 
disciplined program of mentol and 
physicol conditioning. The club is open 
to oil students who wish to meet the 
demanding challenge of the Mortiol 

Mr. Jones, sponsor, looks on as Jorge Pereiro and 
Mike Smith practice some kicks. ▼ 

▲ Korote Club: Front: Krystoi Diolr, Bobby Mejio, John Embry, Jorge Pereiro, Michoel Smith. 
Rear; ismoei Prodo, Jolme Puriflcocion, Ex Zoboiiero, James Hommer, Dennis Smith, Mike Smith. 
Not Pictured: Diily Engiond. 


National Junior Honor Society Sponsors: Mrs. 
Ruesch, Mrs McCorf T 

Norionol Junior Honor Society: 

Center Left Front John Vick, Stocie Stiurt 
Sondi Hoseimon, Tommy Wfiite, Sec 

Middle Goyie Schillings. Mory Soquinsir 
Suzonne Romsko, Audrey Williams, JocIm 
Stonfield Robin Colby Jenni Owens 
Reor Allen Michele. David Smith, Elis 
Richels, John Norney, Matt Swingle, And 
Old, Dryon Spohr 

< National Junior Honot Society Officers: 
Jonice Heofh, Piper Tereso "Woody 
Dollew, Treasurer, Kristy LoChonCf 
Secretory. Sureno Fozeli-Morrin. Vlc< 
President: Scott Sneod, President 


M Notional Junior Honor Society: 

Front, David Lewis, Amy Jeroy, Tracy Dlocl^, 

Stephonie Horta. Kristy LaChance 

Middle: Korhryn Lofrin, Kevin Hicks, Keren 

Brothers, Bonnie Diggs. Stephanie Byrd, Trocio 

Casmer, Teresa Bollew, Cathy Cooer 

Rear: Corey Hunley, Laura Liechry, Holly 

Johnson, Jane Davenport, Amelia Au, Christy 

Brock, Surena Fozeli-Mortin, Jonice Heath 

The Smart 


M Woody Bollew and Stephonie Byrd work at 
on Eogle Footboll gome distributing progroms. 

The purpose of the National Junior 
Honor Society is to promote scholor- 
slnip, leodershlp, service, citizenship 

I . end character. During the school year 
Honor Society members porticipote 
OS guides during PTA Open House; 
serve os hostesses at the sports ban- 
quets; donate o Thonksgiving bosket 
to a needy family; and moke a 

J donation to the Joy Fund at 
Christmas. Money raisers during the 
year include selling football pro- 
groms at home gomes, sponsoring 
the Valentine Day Donee ond a 
spring fund raising activity. 

The Honor Society holds two induc- 
tion ceremonies a year. The ninth 
grade selection is mode after first 
semester. The eighth grade rapping is 
done in May. 

Members Not Pictured: 

Kennet Ake 
Colin Clark 
Korrino DeSontos 
Jon Embry 

Andrew Greenberg 

Paul Mollos 

Lourie Mason 

Bryan Mele 

Erin Quinn 

Susan Reynolds 

Kurt Sellers 

Ex Zobellero 

▲ Builder's Club: 

Front: Becky Johnson, Heorher Cormichoel, 
Kristy LoChonce, John Bennett. 
Middle: Anno Wilkinson, Jon Oden, An- 
drew Greenberg, Alex Sadler. Kothryn 

Top: StQcie Minson, Jenny Owens, Scott Fur- 
man, Christy Brock. 

< Builder's Officets: Christy Brock, Vice 
President, Kothryn Loftin, President; Jenni 
Owens, Secretary; Andrew Greenberg 
(Nor Pictured), Treasurer. 

Selective Community Services 

The Builder's Club is a coeducotionol service orgonizorion designed for 
students to operote in Independence Junior High School through the sponsorship 
of the Boyside Kiwonis. It provides on opportunity for students to positively work 
together in service to school and community. The club goals in addition to ser- 
vice, is to develop leadership potential, foster development of strong morol 
character, ond encouroge loyalty to school, community, and notion. This yeor 
the club wos involved in various projects such as food collections for the needy 
and raising the flog for the school each day. 



Fronr Carrie Temple, Mory Sewell. Anno Wilkinson, Kothleen 

fXyon. Krisri Foberg, Jennifer Gray 

Middle Dill Drownlow, Alex Sodler, Down Ringressy, Richard 

Wolsh, Stephanie Horto, Chrisrine Moreou, Joely Porrer 

Bock Mr Morrin, Jon Oden, Tonnmy McLeod, Andy 

Greenberg, Jim Collier, Julie Plockert, Korhryn Loftin, Jonice 

Heorh, Elise Richels 

Flying High 

The Eagles Club, formed in rhe Spring of 1982, 
is composed of srudenrs who hove lerrered in o 
Vorsiry sporr or Independence. The purpose of 
fhe club is ro provide services ro rhe school, pro- 
more school spirir, ond provide ond sponsor cer- 
roin social ocriviries. The major projecr for 1982- 
60 is ro buy on ice mochine for rhe P E deporr- 
menr, Orher projecrs include: selling spirir shirrs, 
selling lerrer jockers, sponsor rwo donees, 
orgonize o spring picnic, cleoning up school 
grounds ond plonring gross seed for rhe orhleric 
fields, ond serring up disploy "Ger high on sporrs" 
in rhe moin hall by fhe office 

▲ EAGLE CLUD OFFICERS: Christy Crock Secretory Nicole Jomes, Vice-President: 

Kelly Kincoid, Treasurer (rear) 





The Latin Club is on 
orgonizorion of Lorin 
students. The purpose 
of the club is to 
broaden one's 
knowledge of the 
Romon culture. The 
students raise money 
not only for their 
benefit but also for the 
benefit of charities. 

Nostra Lingua 
Est Latina 


President Korhryn Lofrin, Vice-Presldenr: Janice Heorh, Secretory, 
Treosurer: Stepfianie Horro 


Front: Ms Rodgers, Kind! Ryan, Mike Doyce, Ctiris Seobron, Jenni Owens 
Middle: Mike Schnockle, Tony Jocinto, Sony Hon, Dilly Hammond. Mike 
Laurlle, Mr. Dorlond 

Dock; Melino Christi, Cairo Voorhees, Nicole James. Tereso Dollow, Scott 
Snead, Christy Brock 



Front Tereso Oollew Sondl Hoselmon, 

Amy Wilklns Stocie Minson Christy 

Brock. Jenni Owens, Robin Colby. 

Cindy IXumn^y, Nikki Cook. Michele 

Wircher. Heother Pero 

Middle: Billy Rosenow Tom 

McKechnie. Kim Cowon Srephonie 

Hotto. Crisry LoChonce Nicole Gourhier 

Vicki Gores. Danielle Arviso. Michelle 

Allison, Srocy Rogers 

Bock: Dovid Randall Tom Curler 

Sureno Fozeli-Motin, Krisri Ritrer Jonine 

Word, Denise Gusrofson, Berh Hillhouse. 

Derh Horris 

6rh GRADE 


From Liz Sroner. Jeff 

Bnghrbill. Kirsren Baum 

Mary Ann Boker Done 


Middle Carol Garrison 

Robin Garrison. Pot 

Lindemon. Evan Kolfus 

Koren Roullet. Tommy Hor 

voric. Michelle Morejcek 

Louro Brinson Polly Meyer 

Melonie Nissenson. J J 

Ficorro. Denise Owslony 

(portiolly cur off) 

Bock: Melonie Fisher 

Roylynne Hussey Ron Hurst 

Billy Hommond Lee Cosric 

Mike Elwess. Morcy Doiley 


Steven Lone Korrino Cooke Vicki Horch. 

Robin Srirr, Doso Precyrhe, Koren Woodhouse, 

Jennifer Perry, Krisren Horron. Pom 

Archombeou, Jennifer Lyczok. Cory Smith, Jeff 


Student Bosses 

The Student Cooperative Association of In- 
dependence Jr High is the group that 
represents end involves oil students in rhe 
school Each homeroom sends o representative 
to generol SCA meetings This person reports oil 
projects ond activities to each member of the 
homeroom and encouroges everyone to por- 
ticlpore The theme for 1962-80 is The Sky is the 
Limit" and encourages parricipation in dances, 
collecting for the United Woy and the Joy Fund, 
Spirit Days, Teacher Appreciation Day and 
Secret Pals The SCA of Independence Jr con- 
tinues to stond and strive for excellence in 
school portlcipofion by all students 

f^ (I A <*' 


Front: SfQCie Minson. Heather 
Pero, JennI Owens, Robin Col- 
by, Michelle Morejcek, Krist' 

Dock: Michele Witcher, Sureno 
Fozeli-Mofin, Amy Wllklns, Chris- 
ty Crock, Cindy Rumney, Sondi 
Hoselmon, Corel Garrison 
Elected Later: Beth Holland, 
Reporter (not pictured) 

Or^e function spon- 
sored by the SCA is the 
first school day roily 
which introduces oil 
the students to the SCA 
officers, the Ad- 
ministrofors, and key 
school personnel. The 
SCA also presents o skit 
which gives the 
students a very quick 
idea of whot extra- 
curricular activities ore 
ovoiloble in the way 
of clubs and sports. At 
the for left, you see 
Scott Sneod represen- 
ting the Notional Junior 
Honor Society; Sondi 
Hoselmon (middle) 
gives her rendition of a 
Togo Party (Latin 
Club); Christy Brock 
(bottom) shows us her 
true mod-scientist self 
(for the Science Club). 







It * 


1 ' 






*•••*%**«» 1 

e K T 

^^ M 


•/i ^ 



'^"g^^ "V 



- ir^. A 






•^ 4 


^ ^l 


' f 


•^ 111 

An 5CA Activity 

Around Christmas rime, rhe SCA sponsored Irs annual Christmas Door 
Decorating Contest. Each homeroom was asked ro decorore rheir door wirh o 
carroon chorocter with o Christmas rheme. There were mony colorful doors 
decorating our hollwoys, so the judges hod o hord choice to moKe. The first 
place door was Mr Mizenko's seventh grade science doss (top left). His door 
hod Gorfield in the center of o colorful Christmas scene, contemploting how 
holidays affect his stomoch Second ploce went to Mrs Lont's first bell seventh 
grade class (top right) with E T phoning Sonto. Third place was Mrs. Janzs first 
bell Spanish class, Speedy Gonzalez gracing the lighted door Although there 
could only be three winners, there were several nicely decorated doors, Mrs 
Dixon s is shown (center picture). Several classrooms hod the some idea as 
shown in the center right picture — The Grinch who stole Christmas!! 

SCA Advisors: Mrs McCort. Mrs Porker ► 


< Becky Johnson carries the A for EAGLES 
That's o lot of spirit for a little person! 

^ Lots of volume ond big mouths ore o requirement 
for Pep Club os Ms. Dixon, sponsor, and o couple of 
members demonstrate 

Go Eagles! 

■4 The Pep Club is on orgonizoflon 
mode up of school-spirited students 
from 7th to 9th grode. They help to 
promote spirit ot the footboll gomes, 
bosketboii, ond other sports events. 
Their "We're #1" attitude has been 
exemplified in their support to the 
teams, their projects, and school func- 
tions. After years of not having o pep 
club, these students hove shov/n 
much enthusiasm in rebuilding o 

Pep Club Members: 

Michelle Jonecko 

Mortho Platf 

Cindy Aggos 

Becky Johnson 

Mory Sewell 

Morjorie Allen 

Jackie Johnson 

Jenny Sloan 

Krista Bauer 

Terry LoDoux 

Doug SmollwocxJ 

Shori Bonnema 

Kelly Lomb 

LaVondo Suiter 

Donna Brennon 

Leonne Lewis 

Tommy Swonn 

Kelly Buck, Sec 

Katie Lowe 

Jomi Taylor 

Stephonie Byrd 

Kim Senter 

Tina Trommell 

Christina Champagne 

Jill Amentler 

Lorre Wodley 

Gino Chondler 

Julie Coffin, Pres. 

Tommy Warner 

Julie Colemon 

Bev Lytle 

Cindy Welborn 

Rick Copley 

Julionn Mottiko 

Vicki Wicker 

Angelo Carpino 

Jennifer Mercado 

Wendy Wilson 

Kelly Davenport 

Denise Mickelson 

Michelle Vick 

Amy Gorris 

Bori Moorefield 

Reigh Whitemen 

Kelly Homilton 

Nomoste Norelle 

Tommy Anderson 

Chris Hardy 

Kim Parker 

Melonie Fisher 

JoAnne Horris 

Bobbianne Patterson 

Shelly Griffin 

Bev Helfelfinger 

Coye Pearson 

Amy Whitemen 

Pomelo Holberg 

Jennifer Pennington 

Rheo Rieves 

Christina Hornsby 

Bonnie T^eed 




Several FHA members held 
the balloons before rhey let 
rhem go on the "Flyirvg 
High' day This day wos 
celebrared in lore 
September in o stofewide 
releasing of bolloons to sym- 
bolize the high spirit of FHA.ji 

FHA - Know-How for the Future 

Future Homemokers of America is on orgonizorion for 
youth, run by youth. Involved members plon the oction 
. . . making a difference in their homes, schools, com- 
munities and selves . . preparing for the future by 
developing life skills today. All home economics students 
moy join by paying dues ond most activities tolse place 
during class time. As a member, you will be a port of the 
largest student organization in Virginia Deoch. Through 
the chapter ocrivities of your choice, you'll tackle rough 
teen concerns and the chollenges facing families ond 
your community today. 

8th Grode FHA: 
Front Tommy Underwood, Michelle Smith 
Doumon. Sherry Gomet. Rhea (Xleve 

Rear Denise Dosko. (President). Mrs Allen. Jennifer Dorden 
Kris Mikulko Renee Dhoodge Kothy Stacy (f^ecorder) 


Gornet Vincent. Potrlclo 

Geno Votes, 

Ath Grode FHA: 

Front Leso DIoke, Anne Lolne, Corol Gorrlson, Becky Aldermon, 
Cindy Welborn, ((Xecorder). Debbie Greer 

Middle Troci Jones. Justine Coffrey, Leslie Elks, Tomie Amis, Jill 
Lechtenhom, (President), Christine Troylor 

Rear Trod Edwards, Jonet Zlegler, Mrs Allen, Michele Culver, 
Tommy McLeod 



If has become o rrodirion 
or IJHS each Halloween for 
the FHA srudenrs to hove o 
pumpkin decorating contest. 
Prizes ore owarded to 
srudents and then pumpkins 
ore donated to area 
hospitals and nursing homes. 
This year the students olso 
rook the pumpkins to local 
day care centers. T 

We Need q Home to Moke It Better 

▲ 7th Grade FHA Members: 

Top For Left: Cynrhlo Jockson, Toresso Funderburk. 

Bottom For Left: Andrew White, Holli Furmon 

Bottom Middle: Angela Moore, Lisa Overton, 

Denise Vincent, Christine Redding, Kim Johnson, 

Lauro Mofsko. 

Middle Middle: Tina Allen, Rondo Acel, Stephanie 

Green, Jessica Rodriguez, Volorie Culver 

Top Middle: Melanie Keffer, Tommy Koczmorc- 

zyk, Allison Bernier, Kim Eley 

Top For Right: Susan Jocobs, Cynthio Gleshlre. 

Top Bottom, For Right: Ginger Wentz, Tracy Cox. 

< Home Economics 11 FHA Members: 

Lavonda Suiter, NIckelle Vick, Lisa Keene, 
Kotherine Hughes, Sue Haddock 

8th Grode FHA: 

Front: Katie Lowe, Noncy Kelleher, Cindy Frey, 

Stephanie Whitemore (President). 

Middle: Potti Roberts, Thereso Davis, Marcy 

Doiley, Morllyn Trice, Stephanie Boln. 

Reor: Lynn Smith (Recorder), Mrs. Allen, Tommy 

Moron, Tobbetha Pestalltz, Debbie Dean. ▼ 

dth Grode FHA: 

Front: Lillion Divine, Cindy Hughes, Polly Meyer, Kim Myers, Noncy 
Porks, Amy Swonger. 

Reor: Debbie Rose, Christina Moreou, Poulo Collohon, Karen Roullet, 
Kenyelfo Brummitt, Niro Barnes. 


Home Economics II FHA: 
Front: Morgorer Smirh, Aletho Turner. Shannon Perry. Cheryl Hole Carlo 
Reor Beverly Lyrle. Morjone Allen, Jennifer Grubbs. Trocy Conklin ► 

Seventh Grade Home Economics FHA: 

Front: Trino Cannon. NIcholyn Gibson. Jennifer Dorcito. Sondro Woodruff. 

Julie Willioms 

Middle: Kim Mercer. Christy fXollins. Amy Hill. Elizabeth Neol. Kim Kelley. 

Kotherine Pittenger, Liso Mason 

Rear: Shannon Horless. Beth Moore. Kevin Morrison. Deonno Loir, Koren 

Eoodhouse. Christine McElveen. Dionno Russe 

A FHA Chapter Offlcets: 

Seated: Denise Dosko. Publicity Choir- 
mon, Lynne Smith and Stephanie Whit- 
more. Historians: Cindy Welborn, 

Standing Kelly Wohrenburg. 2nd Vice 
President ond Michelle Vick. President. 
Not Pictured: Jill Lichtenhon. 1st Vice 
President; Foith Jockson. Secretory; Liso 
Overton, Parliamentarian: ond Morjorie 
Allen, Hospitality Choirmon 

Mrs Allen — Sponsor ► 


▲ Mrs Pugh — Sponsor 

A A.I.A.S.A. Club: 
John Royhill, Mike Rhue, Shone Sisson, Tom Zerborini, Chcuk Kelley 

These ore but o hondful of the Indusrriol Arts Club mennbers. The formol nome for our club is A I AS A. or Americon Indusrriol Arts 
Associotion. This notionol orgonizotion is dedicoted to building o positive imoge of the American industrial arts student by bringing 
students with o common interest so they con exchonge ideas, discuss problems ond shore common purposes. 




Science Club: 

Mr Revelle (Advisor), Troy Rothoff, Jockie Stonfield, Kelly Rothoff, Doug Kinloch (President) 

The Science Club is composed of individuols vi/ho shore on interest in oil sciences. Meetings ore held and field trips ore token to oreos of scien- 
tific interest. 


No Ir Isn't 

DEBATE: Fronr Alive Dovenporr, Joney Davenport 
(Negonve Team Leoder), Scorr Furmon (Affir- 
mative Team Leader). Jonlce Heath (Negative 
Team Leoder), Soroh Allen 

Bock: Alex Sodler, Richard Copley (Negative 
Teom Leoder) Ted Cose. Andrew Greenberg (Af- 
flrmotlve Teom Leoder). Kothryn Lofrin. Angle 
Dyklns. Jon Oden ► 

Richard Copley (left) and Scott Furmon (right) sharpen their cross-examination skills for the dry 

tournament. ▼ 

The IJHS Debate Team provides 
experiences in persuasive public 
speaking and research The 
Debate Team is rhe one place 
where students con eorn points for 
orguing The topic this year is: 
Piesolved: That the United States 
should significantly curtoil arms 
sales to other countries. The offir- 
nnative teoms argue in fovor of 
the resolution. The negative 
teams argue thot the present 
system (the srorus quo) is satisfac- 
tory. Teams compete citywide in 
competition rounds and in o tour- 
nament with other junior high 
schools. Citywide competition pro- 
vides teom trophies and individual 
speaker awards. Students may 
olso earn letters. 

▲ Andrew Greenberg stumps Alice Davenport with a 
tricky question in o cross-examination 


▲ Joney Davenport (Negative Teom Leader) holds up o time cord during o 

proctice debaters observe Soroh Allen Alice Davenport. Jon Oden 

(standing) Jonice Heoth. and Kothryn Loftin 

Andrew Greenberg (right) crossexomines Alice Davenport (left) offer her 


Yes, Ir Is! 

Alex Sadler (left) ond Jon Oden (right) argue arms sales reduction. T 

Forensics is the orr of debate and public speoking. IJH5 has two forensic feoms — 
Debate and Public Speaking. The public speoking feonn consists of 8th ond 9th groders 
who enjoy the challenge of speaking before groups of people. The public speaking team 
competes in o city-wide meet eoch February. Team members specialize in extem- 
poraneous and impromptu speeches, prose and poetry reading, and spelling. IJHS will 
conduct on in-school forensic contest to determine who will represent Independence at 
the City meet on February 9. Outstanding team members ore Andrew Greenberg, 
Richard Copley, Kathryn Loften, and Joney Dovenport. 

Forenslcs: Front Valerie Siegel, 
Richard Copley 

Reor: Ms. E. McDride, Mary Riner, 
Kelly Hamilton, Elise Richels, 
Kofhryn Loftin, Andrew Greenberg, 
Joney Davenport. 


Closs Photos: Tricio Cosmer. Christina Hornsby, Denise Mickelson. Trino Business Committee: Front: Denlse Holl Alice Davenport Soroh 

Jockson, Elso Gerwin. Allen Connie O Neol 

Not Pictured: Dovid Collier, Mory Soguinsin, Orion Alston, Dorboro Copro, Reor Melisso Dengson, Christina Hornsby, Jim Collier, Allison Pittmon. 

Jill Lichtenhon ▼ Not Pictured: Joney Davenport, Tommy Underwood, Jamie Solok. T 

^1^. <f 



▲ Srocy Schreier, Carol Gunter, 
and Amy Donovon work on the 
Hoiioween loyout 

▲ Mrs Morns, Sponsor 
Someone has to do the typingi 

Stocy ond Sondro erase a boo-boo on the layout 

This years Declaration Staff hos worked hard ro pro- 
duce the '80 yearbook Many mornings ond lunch 
bells were spent identifying people in pictures, draw- 
ing the layout of the poges, cropping the pictures ond 
getting it all together With the help of Toylor 
Publishing's Mrs. Kitchel ond sponsor, Mrs Morris, we 
108 think this is the best Declorotion ever. 

We Did Good, Kids! . 

Tosho Jones and Megan Newsfein identify and layout the chorus pic- 
tures ▼ 


Front: Stocy Gosseff, Megan Newstein, Tosho Jones. 
Rear Sondro Monoco, Stephonle Dyrd, Amy Donovan T 

A Candids and Captions: 

Front: Corolyn Colemen, Angie Gordon, Corol Vest, Heother ONeol, Amy 


Reor: Stocy Slireler, Deth Morris, Corol Donovon. 

Not Pictured: Melissa Ames 

A Core: 

Front: Soroh Allen, Alice Dovenporr, Janey 


Rear: Stephonle Dyrd, Jim Collier, Christina Hornsby. 

Not Pictured: Jomie Solok. 

-4 Specialities 

Robbie ArbucWe, Photographer, Andy Jonz, Posters 



▲ Computer Club Officers: Henry Thompson (Secretory). Dob Feothere 
(President), fXonold Aruto (Vice-Presidenr). Shown Myers (Reporter) 

Here some members ond Mr. Wiltshire, (sponsoi) identify members of 

the club ► 

'^ A Basic Bunch 

The Computer Club is open fo oil students in- 
ested in the use ond programming of com- 
Iters. It meets every two weeks before 

Computer Club: Front Polly Meyer, Jackie 
anfleld, Karen Mothis, John Norney, Tom Zer- 
)rlni, Ronold Aruto, Chris Craig, Jeff Peterson. 
3d Wentz, Joely Porter, Pamela Rice, Scott 

iddle: Angle Plonte, John Dennett, Amelia 
J, Shown Myers, Henry Thompson, Cindy 
elborn, Joner Ziegler, Jami Taylor, Susan Hor- 
l Jerry Deorbeck, Bobby Hovey 
?ar: Suson Nelson, Jason Gossmon, Allen 
ichele, Jeff Stonfield, Robert Bergstrom, Bob 
■orherer, Bryon Spohr, Mike Rhue, Paul Tond- 
?rg, Brion Alston, John Elliot. 

Steering Committee: Polly Meyer, Pomelo 
ce. Angle Plonte, Jomi Taylor, Janet Ziegler, 
ff Stonfield 
5t Pictured: RickSchell. 

Career Constructors T 

The purpose of the Future Business Leaders of America is to provide, os 
on integral port of the instructiono! program, odditiono! opportunities for 
students in business education to develop vocotionol and career support 
competencies and to promote civic ond personal responsibilities 


Kim Cowon, Jo Ann Harris, Kothy Boyot, Amelia Au, Reggie Moore, Tommy Grob, Kelly 


FDLA: Rear: Kothy Boyot, Poul Tonberg, Brion Alston, Reggie Moore, 

Laurie Bean 

Middle Kimberly Cowon, Dorlene Denhose, Kelly O'Brien. 

Front; JoAnn Morris, Amelia Au, Tommy Grob, Michelle Vock. 

Vice President: 

Assisfont Secretory: 
Assistont Treasurer: 

Kim Cowon 

Poige Valentine 

Jo Ann Horris 

Shonnon Hodge 

Robin Loser 

r\eggie Moore 

Elso Gerwin 

Amelio Au 


A German Club: Front; Jerry Norris, Connie Soffrell, Wendy 

Meyer, Drion Ford, Alice Dovenporr, Joney Davenport, 

Suzanne Romsi^a, Adam Morris, Heather Robinson, Lara 


Rear Steve Shelton, Koren Allen, Suzonne Kromer, Lorre 

Wodley, Doug Kinlock, Tim Crawford, Jim Lyon, David Don- 

ner, Kurt Sellers 

GERMAN CLUD OFFICERS: Dovid Donner, President; 
Sellers, Vice-President; Sam Zuckermon, Secretary. ► 


The German Club is on organization of Ger- 
man srudenrs inreresred in rhe Germon-speoking 
world. Membership is open ro any inreresred 
srudenrs. Among rhe year's ocriviries ore: Ger- 
mon Club Tee Shirts, German Food Sampling 
after school, o trip to the Virginio Organization of 
German Students Convention, participation in the 
'60 Foreign Language Fair, and a trip to Busch 
Gardens in the spring! The German Club is spon- 
sored by Mr. Sheorl. 

Sprechen Sie Deutsh? 


•< Mr Flynn gets cought 

▲ Look our, Mr. Weirich, Mr. Ludwig's got o pie for you! ▲ Mr. Flynn gets his paybocl^. 

The Annuol "Pie-in-fhe-Face" was presented by rhe S.C.A. ro raise money for the United Woy. Money was col- 
lected from students in first and second lunches to determine which teacher would get the pie in the face. The 
teachers who competed in first lunch were Mr. Flynn vs. Mr. Dorlond. Mr. Dorlond was the teacher who got the pie. 
Mr. Ludwig and Mr. Weirich were the participants during second lunch. Mr. Ludwig received the pie in the face. Mr. 
Marshall unexpectantly agreed ro get o pie in rhe face if we could raise 50 or more dollars, which we did, and Mr. 
Marshall got a face full! Mr. Flynn also unexpectedly received a pie in the face from Mr. Dorlond. It was hilarious to 
see these men on stage with pie covering their faces. Chocolate creom wos by far the choice of oil!! 




Everybody's o 



Rodgers — 9th 

Front Wcky Roymon, Ronold Sromont, Robby 

Trice, Chris Seobron 

Reor: Phil Jones, Myron Barnes, Worren Smith, 

Louren Moreou 


Not Piaured: Mitchell Lee, Doug Swoiino. Scott 
Ramsey ► 


^^■^■k ^^H ■•■PV^-* 


^■MK «• ^^ /■--^ 

J L. 


if , 'SIwiM % 


^^ ^ftnK"- ^^■t^^^^B '^Wk. fi^^fl 

▲ SOCCER CHAMPIONS - WATKINS - 1. Front Steve Fitzgerold, 
Steve Sfricklond, Shone Newberry, Kit Ehrgood 
Bock Scott Segerblom, Hunter Collier, Tommy Reddick, Terry Eby, 
Steve Bruno, Tony Wyott 

▲ flth GRADE SPEEDDALL CHAMPIONS: Front Peter OGrom, Henry Thompson. 
Kevin Yen, Mark Heckler, David Leper, Mike Doyce 

Dock Jason Barefoot, Andy Marshall, Jomes Wood. Eddie IXeogon Steve Gundel, 
fXeggie Turner 




^^^^^^P^ c^^l 

^^^^^^^^^c'^^^^^^^^^^^^^KS. ^.^^^^I^^l 



1 l^^ii'^^ ^ ^ 1 



S B^ '^" ^1 



^W A^^ J 









Bonnemo, Kelly Duck, Trlcio Kersey, Amy Craig. 

Reor: Kotie Pittenger, Jenny Lipfert, Allison Moore, Jenny Connor 

Every year, rhe P.E, deporrmenr offers every stu- 
dent the opportunity to be port of o winning team 
through its Intromurol progrom. Every student 
becomes port of o team which in turn porticipotes in 
the playoffs to determine the champions of each 
grade. The Seventh graders play soccer while the 
Eighth graders ploy speedboll. The Ninth grade girls 
ploy field hockey and Ninth grade guys ploy football. 
Pictured here are the best of each sport. 

8th GRADE: Front; Lynn Smith, Mynito 
Domes, Decky Hoselmon, Jennifer Moyer. 
Rear: Michelle Smith, Ann Vinh, Kindl Ryon, 
Charity Jackson, Louro Sykes. 
Not Pictured: Sherry Garnet, Jennifer Gorris, 
Susan Nelson, Amy Worsen, Kerri White. ► 

Wodley, Stephonnie Prother, Nicole Gouthier, Elena Pasek 
Rear; Katrino Desontos, Tracy DIack, Suzanne Nielson, Julionne Zickus, 
Not Pictured; Jennifer Grey, Robin Colby, Dristin Sowo, Robin Roymoon, 
Sharon Welch. 








^^^^4 ;4^^^^^^^^^^^H 






1^ ** ^^^^h^ 












JP^ ; ^ ^^^^^^^H 







Dosed on rhe values ond philosophies of IJH5, we 
consider ourselves ro hove hod o very successful 
seoson. As boskerboll gor underwoy, rhe girls leorned 
rhor working hard and gaining experience rhey would 
improve in oil aspects of rhe gome. They 
demonsrrored rhis consisrenrly as rhe season pro- 
gressed. Ir wos always a reom efforr as rhe girls 
displayed ream spirir and good sportsmanship. In- 
dependence is olwoys proud of rhe girls who go 
rhrough rhe boskerboll program, wishing rhem con- 
tinued success and hoping rhey will rake wirh rhem as 

Sharp Shooters 

Coptoin — Derh Harris 

CoQch — M Workins ► 

CoQch M Workins, Nicole James, Michelle Orenduff, Kindl Ryan, Kim 
Drumley, 'Woody" Boilew, Kristen Horron. Kelly Kincaid, Beth Horris, 
Allison Moore, Angle Plonre. Derh Moore. Troci Jones, Melino Christie, 
Managers — Carol Garrison, Jennifer Liner, Michelle Morejcek. 
Nor Pictured; Derh Kohlhoff . T 

wrif«.ur 1 .1,1., 


Does she mean us? ► 



STARTING LINE-UP: Fronr: Myron Barnes, Scorry Sneod, 
Kurt Sellers 

Reor: Assr. Cooch Kenny Sumner, Gory Morrison, Cor- 
ey Coson, Phillip Srirr. Head Cooch Mr Ludwig, Corl 
Twiford. ► 

Keep up that defense: Phillip Srirr wirh rhe boll. Gory 
Morrison, 44, Kurr Sellers, 42. Kenny Sumner, 34. ▼ 



1 '^^B .jl^^m% ^^^^^^^^^H 

^^^^^mm ^ 


Rear: Carl Twiford (Asst Coach), Bobby Starl- 
ing. Jason Barefoot, Kenny Sumner, Gory Mor- 
rison, Corey Coson, Phillip Stift, Kurt Sellers, 
Fronkie O'Brien, Bo Ludwig (coach) 
Front: Chris Seobron, Brion Taylor, David Smith, 
Reggie Turner, Myron Bornes, Scotty Sneod. 
Doug Sirmons, Tommy Davis. 
Not Pictured; Charlie Scott. 


•^ Jump and Reach: Gory Morrison goes up for 
a jump boll. 


Henry Thompson uses o right woisr ro ride his opponent 






l\eor Son Hon Steve Clork MiKe Schnokel Mike Lovelle 

Middle Mike Doyce Tony Jocinto Iim Jones Mott Drinton, Ed (Xeogon 

Front Mike Land Henry Thompson Croig Pires, Drod Adorns. Don Croig 


Reor: Vincent Sromper, Steve Shupe, John 
Notivldod, Nick George, Don Shull, Don 
Armstrong, Son Hon, Poul Lopretro, Mike 
Schnokel, Don Croig, Steve Clork, Richord 
Scorpuilo, Aldo Dibleordino, Ed Reogon, 
Mike Lovelle 

Middle; Curtis Clymer, John Bennett, Andy 
Morsholl, Kurt Kreossig, Tim Jones, Mart 
Drinton, Poul ONeil, Tom Horvotic 
Front: Mike Groves, Croig Pires, Ron Aruto, 
Richard Walsh, Mike Land, Joson Renoger, 
Henry Thompson, Drod Adams, Noel Bird, 
Kong Vong, Scorr Furmon, Rolpn Record. 

Jennifer Moyer, Chrissy Wicks, Denise Holl 

Mike Lond (middle left) uses a crossface to turn his 
Kempsville opponent. 

M Mike Doyce and Tony Jacinto — waiting is hard on 
the nerves. 

Pin Me, Will Yo? 


EAGLE GYMNASTS: Fronr Ann Wilkerson, Dona Sword, 

Amy Whirson 

2nd Row: Ms. Rodgers (cooch), Shannon Perry (co- 

coproin), Dev Hefelfinger (co-coptoin), Kelly Rorhoff 


3fd Row: (Middle Dor) Mary Ann Boker, Jenny Archer, 

Jusrine Coffrey. 

Reor: (Top Bor) Solly Norfleet, Soroh Dell, Kelly Duck, 

Robin Garrison. ► 

Robin Gorrison Flashes on the Floor, T 

▲ Ann Wilerson on the Uneven Dors 


II ■ 

M Solly Norfleet demonstrates her style. 
Ms Rodgers goes over meet scores ▼ 

Jenny Archer (middle left) getting ready for competition. 

Terrific Tumblers 

■4 Shannon Perry shines on the Floor Exercises. 

•^ OUCH!! Dono Sword bolonces on beom 


ASOFTDALL TEAM: Front Liso Horvey. Solly Norfleer Kristi (Xirrer. Noncy Kelleher. Lome Lorenz, Liso Hammer 

Middle Derh Horris, Krisren Horron, Woody Dollew, Christy MIdgerre Kelly Kincoid, Decky McNeill. Liso IXlvero (Manager), Jennifer Liner 


Rear: Gooch James Wendy Keller. Karhryn Lofrin, Kim Drumbly, Wendy Vandale, Derh Kohlholl. Mary Dolen (Manoger) 

Nor Pictured: Michelle Orenduff. Jan Sowyer 























^Soc 'em 


Owens, Michelle Witcher, Cindy 

(Xumney. Deedee Hoselmon, Kindl 

Ryon, Anne Vinh, 

Middle: Amy Croig, Allison Bernier, 

Micky Vick, Kim Glisson, Heather Pero, 

LiSQ Hogon 

Rear: Michelle Motecjok, Kelly Killin, 

Kristi Brock, Mory [Xiner, Carlo 

Voorhees, Terri Williams, 

Not Pictured: Pot Lindermon, Susonne 

Kromer, Becky Hoselmon, Suson 

Neislon, Julies Collies, Coach 

Cochenour, Kirsten Bourn 

Rosenow, Bobby Starling, Song Hon, 
Scott Sneod. 


¥ '"' At 

Baseball Bravados 

DASEDALL TEAM: Joson Barefoot, Mark Borker, Song Hon 
(9th), Song Hon (8th), Tony Jacinto, Jerry Jefferson, Danny 
Keene, Kevin Kronenberg, Fred McKinney, Chris Moke, 
Richord Odenwelder, Paul O'Neill, Williom Rosenow, 
Scott Sneod, Bobby Starling, Mott Suggs, Robbie Trice, 
Vince Tumilty, Reggie Moore. 







Observe Gentlemen: Mike Schnockel Throwing the 

discus while Mike Ansich Sreve Clork Chris Esres. 

Bobby Summerhill and Mike Lovelle look on ► 


Heighr Is no concern ro 
Jomes Wood when ir comes 
ro hurdling ► 

Fleetwood Who? Monnie Rodriguez, Chris Seobron 
and Mark Nohro heoding for ihot important little white 


OOYS TRACK TEAM: Front Robert Hofele, Eric Nohro. Mike Lovelle, Chris Seobron, Mike Schnockel, Kevin Yen, Kevin Hicks Jomes Wood 

Second Row Valerie Seagal (Manager), Chris Estes, Pot Marshall, Drew Downs, Jomes Clark, Dobby Hovey, Steve Miller, Mark Nohro. Mike Elwess, Dovid 

Orourk, Doug Swolino (Manager) 

Third Row Dobby Thompson, Kurt Kreossig, Kurtis Parker, David Smith David Henderson, Rick Klaus, Toby Compton 

Rear Row Coach Dorlond, Dob Feotherer, Mike Ansich, Drion Toylor Dobby Summerhill, Joel Niemi, Todd Corr Monnie Rodriguez Corbie Amos. Brian 

McKown, Sreve Clark, Rodney Rothhoff (Assr. Cooch) 

AGIRLS TRACK TEAM: Front: Allison Qloxsom, Julie Dyrd, Ginny Voltz, Dorbro Copro, 

Joonn Howell, Beth Moore, Jockie Stonfield Cathy Cooper 

Middle: Chormoine Collins, Allison Moore, Suzonne Neilson, Kim Alexander, Tommy 

Moron, Kelly R,orhoff, Victoria Shermonn, Dorboro Hovey 

Rear Coroline Coleman, Shannon Hodge, Candy Miller, Jonine Word, Robin Futch, 

Kristi Foberg, Danielle Strohecker, Suzanne Romsko, Kim Pollard, Christinio Chompogne 


Rorhotf, Condy Miller Ginny Voltz, Kim Alexander. Jockie 
Stonfield, Barbara Hovey 

Hicks, Melisso Bengson, Tasha Jones, Lisa Dolby, Sandra 
Monaco, Becky Johnson (Manoger) 

Soc 'em, Guys! 

AOOYS SOCCER TEAM: Front Scott Chambers, Kurt Sellors, Kelly Vincil, Jim Collier, Drion Spohr, 
Dovid Donner 

Middle Robbie Allen, Jimmy, John Nativadod, Peter Long, Tom Martin, Tim Jones, Kevin Hicks 
Rear Bruce Kelley, Jim Martin, Croig Venoble, J D Ridlee, Som Zuckermon, Sureno Fozeli-Motin 
Not Pictured Scott Morelock, Kevin Bremer: Managers Susan Stevens, Michelle Allison, Donielle 
Arviso, Kim Cowon 

ARETURNING PLAYERS: Som Zuckermon Robbie 
Allen, Kevin Hicks 


Z K> »0 It 

o -J o-^ 
— n -, 


U^o tr\JU .WUiT 

















^ /OnU?^ ^yOC^^"-^ 








K .\ 


i 5.^ >/ 







2 ',vmmt7atmm-mmfft^mr^ii*^A^--A^K)* mma m mM9 mst^i*Fiii^miSfBimmiB^^ l■,■^l ls.>■.*Kl*s-^■^^^^^^■7 :v^ r.... .-.';,^-:-^i j-y:--^>»i)j.«f^